KuCoin listing in a few days!


If you want to track transactions to one specific address, there is a tool called Bridge server. https://github.com/stellar/bridge-server/blob/master/readme_bridge.md

Otherwise, there’s no other way than just monitor all transactions and filter down.

The serving account of my anchor is GDCW5YQVHCQCAGUDTZHS5TF6ZNZ2SQSB37BRMBJZIECPOTEXD3Y6BRA2, but technically it has no difference to normal accounts.


i’m talking to Gomadosnitro about added a lable for this address on bosnode.com. so if there is a transaction it’s labeled as BOS-XLM trade and not just transfer


what’s the rate for this first official trade? @jinhwanlazy what’s the market rate?


Good idea! But I’m afraid I can not responsive enough when something’s gone wrong, because I’m having the most busy day in my life as I’m writing my master’s thesis.


sure. he’s adding. very much a trial, but nice to see first official trade of BOScoin!


The first trade was my self trading for test, at 20th December 2017.


i was wondering this last one… with someone else…


10 BOS it looked like but how much XLM was given?


@jinhwanlazy you’ll be BOScoin famous, as the first person to actually get an trade to complete! hahahahhahah


I’m sorry. It was my confusion. It was my self trade :cry:


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