KuCoin listing in a few days!


But why is the integration becoming so difficult?. Why is it taking all this long?. what assurance do you give us as investors that other exchange platforms wont find the same resistance as Kucoin is finding.


Thx for the clarification


I think thy things take as long as they take and the pressure should not be put onto the team for this as I’m sure they are working hard already trying to deliver a wry nice product.

I appreciate that people wlll want to trade their tokens and are excited to see the response but the one thing I learnt in crypto is to be patient. And I’m still not the best at it. But improving

A few weeks ago BOS was hot and price was pumping, then a delay is caused and price goes down a bit, and at some point it will go up a lot again I’m sure and that’s just how it goes. So regardless of what happens with this exchange listing and how long it takes, even if it doesn’t even happen (which it will) and the price takes a hit, some more news will come out in the future and everyone will be bullish and FoMOing again.

If anyone is so desperate to sell then let me know and I maybe interested to buy if this can be done in a secure way.

P.s. I am very excited to see the action when it goes onto Kucoin though, I hope everyone is happy with the result including the team.


i just want it to get on exchanges asap as the timing will depend on wether I buy more or not. I’m good with holding what I have i dont need to think emotionally about selling or holding I’m happy to just hold. what I’m anxious for is a massive opportunity right now for it to get on exchanges to buy more increase your holdings at a reasonable price its a massive opportunity especially now with the market in a down turn the next pump is coming. and i dont like buying stuff at premiums Boscoin might be the only smart cheap buy when it hits exchanges. Just get on the damn exchange already. if it gets on before the next run up it can catch that wave if it gets on in the middle of the next over inflated run up it will get swept up in the white wash.

and i think peoples concerns lye not with just it getting on exchanges and seeing a market price for there coins but a concern with the blockchain it self it there is a problem with just the wallet to be incorporated onto the exchange or for a exchange to have problems incorporating it after being obliged like wow there is a problem wit the technology that makes people question the design and technology so thats peoples concerns I think not just frustrated buy not having a market price they are worried about the technology over all as this seems like not such a small problem as we have been waiting months with the idea of exchanges and no exchanges this is a massive problem.

if tis a designer floor just scrap the block chain start again to fix this issue every one that invested in ico is recorded. if they sold after that in otc its there cost of doing business for a coin that didn’t have a market place thos idiots can’t hold down the whole comunity Have bos classic and Boscoin lol idea



Still no progress. We are waiting. We need some announcements and info. Inverstors deserve it!


Kucoin, and Hitbtc seems to not want to integrate us … so … !!!

We are a Stellar forks… so why not list us on Stellar decentralized exchange ?



Yes, I think so too.


I’ve already done the job months ago, but I’m still hesitating to announce it. Check bosanchor.io if you are interested. It’s not yet listed on Stellarterm but you can manually add the market at the bottom of the page.


Scott told me we are a stellar fork but nos on the same network :confused:


What do you mean by Bos-Asset ?


You can think it as what is called token in Ethereum. Anyone can freely create custom assets in stellar network. I made a system that accepts Boscoin from boscoin token network, and automatically issue the same amount of Asset called BOS in Stellar network. It is called Anchor in context of Stellar.

Once you have an asset, you can trade it with XLM or trade any pair of assets on Stellar’s decentralized exchange.


So … thats mean we could create … BosCoinStellar token and register it on SDEX ?


I will say YES ! but you have to publish and open your code …


There is no need of listing. It just works without any permission. But I can make it easy to use by resistering a one-click button on website like Stellarterm.


i mean, on http://bosanchor.io/ you ask for private seed ^^! That’s why i would say your code should be public, i do not trust your site enought to put my private key :stuck_out_tongue:


Not at all! Anchors never ask for private seed.
Just trust it, means

  1. login to at stellarterm.com/
  2. go to Accept Asset
  3. Insert anchor’s address and asset code at the bottom of the page.


ok i understand now … but with that we can sell our boscoin on stellar exhchange
(or buy) ?


To trade Bos-asset with XLM,

  1. Goto bottom of https://stellarterm.com/#markets
  3. Insert just XLM as Counter asset.

And see what’s there.

There are pairs of assets listed on the page. But they are just ease of use buttons.


I saw someone bought some BOS from me at the stellar DEX. I don’t know who you are but I guess you found that you can’t withdraw. It’s Stellarterm’s bug. Try https://portal.willet.io/ for withdrawal atm.


is there an easy way to see these transactions? I’m monitoring the network, and I’d like to see these transactions if possible.

so is there an address, on the BOScoin network, we can tag with a lable on bosnode.com to say DEX or something like that?