KuCoin listing in a few days!


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Kucoin located in china. thats a if not when scenario where Kucoin is not active poor Boscoin can’t catch a break its incredible.
we need exchanges plural 2 dont get fixated on one for this to survive or to be wise to invest more money into it would need to be on two exchanges. and not in same country as each other.


a few days is also not 22 days maybe thats a translation discrepancy that is ok but a few days is s few like 2 to 3 less than a week not months


You are right and wrong Kucoin is in China, but the exchange is located in Hong Kong where the rules for China don’t apply.

The good thing is, even if you don’t want to trade BOS there, that they share 90% of the fee’s with users.
Fee structure:
10% of the fees go to KuCoin.
40% goes to referrals.
50% goes to KuCoin Shares holders.

Feel free to use my referral link :sweat_smile:


I am kicking myself for not buying a a lot of KCS turns out I like kucoin good app, promotions and like you say they give back :wink:


Awesome Good to hear.


And now in the actual newsletter of Kucoin is nothing said about BOScoin…
First it was October, than end of the year, than early January, than middle january and now we are in the middle and no real update of the BOScoin team about the problems and the difficulties.

I want to know what’s the problem and a realistic shedule WHEN this will be solved.
It‘s totally sad what is going on here…


I’m wondering about that too.
Maybe they are too busy working on all other new coins and forgot about us??


@Hankyeol doesn’t allow them to forget about us. He’s on it!


I’m glad he is on it. I was hoping to see it happen this week. Thanks:v:


Me too, that is up to kucoin if they are ready.


I think it will get sorted in due time, my only concern is the technical difficulties of the integration.
If it is this difficult for Kucoin who are “obliged” to list Boscoin due to the recent voting. Then how will other exchanges go who have less incentive to put fourth the manpower to implement integration, such as Hitbc, who seem to be hanging on to there IOU forever.

I hope the Boscoin team use this learning curve to create a detailed methodology based on lessons learned from this integration, so as to assist and simplify future listings on other exchanges… anyhow, best of luck with Kucoin, and I look forward to future developments from this innovative project.


the problem is that even if the team asserts that the exchange integration is a “one-off” problem that’s just their word and other exchanges have no incentive to take that claim at face value.

Assuming Kucoin integration eventually goes through, how will Boscoin devs convince other exchanges that indeed this is now a solved problem ?

like said above chances are that exchanges take the path of least resistance and don’t bother given the numerous other opportunities of “easy” listing of alternative coins.

just curious what is the devs opinion on that ? the problem also is that lack of communication where there is obviously an outstanding problem that they don’t tell us any detail about.

they say that BOS implementation is related to stellar consensus protocol but at the same time there’s never been any problem of listing XLM on any exchange i heard of. So still puzzled about the underlying technical issue. Hope it’s not design flaw of Boscoin but again the best for the dev team would be to communicate about it i think


I think HitBTC has been the real winner out of this integration problems for KuCoin, they must really be raking in the money by now?


It means that the technical obstacles are solved! So I guess we will see boscoin this week. Keep calm friends!


I really hope this is true. There has been long wait.
But Team BOS should give us more updates and announcements about the progres (also Kucoin). I know its hard to put the exact date, but you can tell us if it takes days, weeks, months - then community isnt frustrated.

Hopefully we will see BOScoin in Kucoin in the new week.


theory one all of the above theory two is the Boscoin team dont want the coin listed as they fear that most people will just sell all there coins and devalue boscoin. hey its a long shot idea but its an idea who knows


If BOS is cheap, I’ll buy more. I want to ride a node :wink:


No one on the BOS team is holding up any exchange listings.


why are you so negative, friend? I think many of this forum do not think to sell. I will not sell, I assure you. and if it collapses then I will buy more. or all or nothing, friend


I have no idea what this Steve Baillie person is talking about, it is only technical issues KuCoin is still figuring out and I am confident they will resolve the issue in the coming days. It appears that he is an admin in the telegram chat room, but I confirmed with KuCoin that he is not a member of the team. We cannot tell you an exact date as we are also only told by KuCoin. They have to provide the estimate but we are doing everything we can to assist the integration.