KuCoin listing in a few days!



the answer " we almost finished" was for the question about boscoin integration




Winners find a solution, not an excuse. That’s all i have to say.


Honestly that last Kucoin update politely says it all… No other blockchain has “integration problems” stretching weeks. My theory is that once the Kucoin gang had a good look at the code base they were shocked at the amateur effort. I cannot believe how badly this team bungles EVERYTHING. And one of the best funded ICOs going too…


Bear in mind, this is only TokenNET. They can’t even build a reliable medium of Exchange - let alone all the loft goals of MainNET.


how we ended up with “We almost have finished integration” to : we struggle to integrate Boscoin and will do it in a far future


All the signals were there from the beginning. Way back last summer, BOS was testing a demo net and had all kinds of grief. Ever since, it’s been one tragic turn after another.

A sensible management strategy would have been to take the many millions raised in the ICO and bought a decent development team with it. Clearly they did not.

Most of their releases now are about conferences, meetups and shmoozing with other block chain people.

Bear in mind, the original roadmap had Genesis launching in OCTOBER.


Yes, its frustrating and I’d love to hear what particular problems they are facing, too.

BUT the good thing is: KuCoin WILL list BOScoin!


They didn’t actually say that. They said they are making efforts.

They could just as easily drop another note next week saying they have no confidence in the security of the token - End of Story.


If they were actually going to list soon - they wouldn’t have said anything. They would have just announced.


i dont think so… we are winner of their first vote contest… we spend more than 20k ksc value right know into winning it… so … it would be a bad message sent to kucoin member


That is the reason for the news release. In other words:

“We know you won the vote, and we WANT to list the token - but the token is broken so we can’t.”


It’s not Kucoin’s fault - I have a lot of respect for them and their team. This is ALL on BOSTeam. They promised a working finished NET in October. It’s January and they can’t even make their basic exchange NET function properly…


I can understand your frustration, but none of that was officially said by KuCoin!
Their message was (for my understanding):
Please stay patient we want to list BOScoin and we are working on it.

And talking about “fault” means YOU the big petrantor are the judge and exactly know what happend.
But you simply don’t, as we all.
There isn’t always a single reason or petranator (ups, perpetrator) why things don’t work as we like or expect.
Especially in Crypto.


wow yeah omg I’m just worried. Like i can be patient when it gets there it gets there However I think the comunity is frustrated for good reason, They had a expected date in there heads when bos would be listed. After token net everyone expected to be on exchanges and it wasn’t a real smooth operation since as its been nothing but a tease and that has soured a lot of peoples taste, We heard buy the end of the year it would be on exchanges and that didn’t happened, Along with allmost every other date that was never met, but this is also why you dont invest to much into a ICO it really should be what you are prepared to lose. I my self probably invested more than i was prepared to lose at the time, However now i can accept it. If it goes to zero or meets its potential and vision I’m still happy either way. Start ups are risky but guess what there is a big world in crypto land and if you invest in some other coins or projects your portfolio should still go up. It is a bubble bubbles are not short of opportunities. Ive hade to mentally check out of Bocoin to keep my sanity and focus on my other portfolio and check in here every so often to see if there is any positive news about Boscoin.

Promising a date to the community and not reaching it is not great at all in any business no matter what the product is its the worst thing you can do to lose customers.

Look all I can do as an investor at this stage is hope that what Boscoin team lack in communication to its investors they make up for in developing a project that takes on a life of its own hopefully

But logical thinking: I’m thinking if Kucoin is having this much trouble. Now its obviously not a small issue. And if they are having so much trouble installing the wallet, yeah its not a ERC20 but many coins are not ERC20 that get listed with ease, Buy many exchanges.

But a notable concern is if kucoin is having this much trouble to install the wallet after feeling obliged after the vote other exchanges just might not even bother. These exchanges are businesses and they probably won’t like to use up there resources if its at a big cost to them.

Look I hope for the best and I’m sure the boscoin team are really invested in this themselves and are trying to do there best. No hate from me just my honest opinion and only my opinion. I dont know if I would say i really believe in Bosoin reaching its potential and becoming a world player in blockchain at this stage. And only logically thinking based on the communication to the comunity since ICO to date. Once again I’m not complaining I’m just stating where I’m at from this stand point its only in last few months I’ve gotten to this stand point. Though I hope future news and developments can change that stand point either way i have no regrets of investing in ICO. Hopefully Boscoin will succeed, but this much trouble just for a small step to get on one exchange hmmm other projects are charging through the world with brute force this is no game to be played laxed or isolated in a dev team in a building in a city and to kinda neglect the comunity or to be laxed about growing comunity.

I honestly dont think the comunity would be pissed at all if it was under promise and over delivered stuff has been over promised and under delivered, Time and Time again. more than once and its the boy who cried wolf like any announcement its turns into ill see it when i see it. meaning the comunity enthusiasm has than Waned.

thats all Boscoin need to do to keep there comunity in check never ever over promise and under deliver always under promise and over deliver. if its excpected to be on exchanges in a months say it will be in three months and that way you have time if its doesn’t work out to make it right without a angry comunity plus than people dont plan and have energy spent with a key date in there head only to be let down again and again. and thats just a thought take it with a grain of salt just a opinion and only that.

Once again i hope and pray Boscoin will be succesfull it will be awesome if. and thats a big IF, though hope is all i have and hope is lack of true belief you need to look at things logically


I couldn’t have put it any better myself.


People are upset for all sorts of different reasons, some valid, some not but we all knew this was a long-term project and it’s not just another ERC20 token that can easily be replicated, this will be a one-time problem as once they find the right way to integrate it the next exchanges will be a piece of cake.
Please don’t lose sight of our end goal and turn on the project that we all care for.


Exactly…breaking new ground doesn’t Have a manual…BOScoin was a 3-5 year investment for me but I could haul out 50% of my holdings at my first goal within 2 years which is amazing…just hold tight people BOS is solid and you may regret liquidating for a quick profit or you may feel like a king…be prepared for both haha…


Just be patient guys, BOScoin will be listed in a few days. So that’s very good news!

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