KuCoin listing in a few days!


Do we have an update on the KuCoin listing status? They’ve listed several coins in the last week, but still no news on BOScoin…

In the meantime, you guys can sign-up using the following code (for the KuCoin bonus program): https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E4mDoG


Exchange Update: If you see an announcement on medium or in the newsletter, then there is news. If you look there and don’t see any new posts, or you don’t receive an email saying there is an update then you can be 100% sure there is no new information.


Alright, thanks for your response!


9h ago @sukarno got that info for us from Michael Gan the CEO of KuCoin:

Which is in fact good news, that KuCoin is really working on it.
Just be patient.


yeah as a comunity member and a investor I want to hear about the problems it actualy makes me feel better than. hearing hoopla that is sugar coating it with just raises curiosity and people start to imagine the worst


give us the Bad news not just the good news and dont just sugar coat the bad news to make it look better thats when we get nervous because we fear the worst tell it like it is honesty really is the best policy.


@scott @dahemmer this exchange has voting for coins to get listed as well maybe something to pass along to the team



We approached cobinhood even before they did their ICO so quite a while ago but we did not receive a reply. Will approach again.

With Kucoin, we received questions on how to get on with the problems almost on a daily basis, but questions stopped for the last two days I think. We offered to fly over if things are not improving.We hope to get on board asap.


Kucoin will list BOScoin early January. Confirmed with the team. Wait for the exact date.


Early January is somewhere between Jan 1 & Jan 10, would that be a fair assessment? @Hankyeol


Obviously we are not telling unless it is announced by the exchange first. I’m sorry but I cannot comment any further.


Please consider publication of desktop wallet.
If all boscoiners will try deposit coins to exchange Boscoin online wallet will be probably down - too much load.


You think everyone will sell their coins (at the same time?) I think most of us want to hodl and run our nodes :rocket:


yeah i think people would need to be a idiot to sell there Boscoin. for what everything has gone up at least 10x to 1000x since ICO. So unless it is equal to what you invested in terms of BTC why sell like some idiots will. like it costS you 1 BTC for 40,000 Bos at the time of listing if you can’t get one BTC or higher for that amount when we are on exchanges why the hell would you sell you sell than you take a loss. My hands are strong I’m gonna ride this through the hurricane. I’m going for the 100,000 X profit.

I dont think the price will drop significantly as people can buy bos once we are on the damn exchange. so the market place will give us market value, I think there is probably more people that want to buy than people that invested in the ICO.


I think for every seller there will be 10 buyers (at least)
besides if the price has a slight dip it will be a great time for more new buyers to come in and I don’t imagine it will take long to again rise.
I think people selling will be those who got small amount during bounty which will be less than 1000 coins a piece
BTW I love your profile name @BadBoymofo :slight_smile:


thanks @Chef_Bedo

yeah i think so at least 10 buyers to ICO investors for sure. especially with the market now compared to the market at ICO the masses are moving in and unpacking there bags there are shit coins i mean literally shit coins that shouldnt even be with 1 cent that have shot up in like 10 to 100 x returns. so Boscoin that has a real world use case. man its only a matter of time for it to get on peoples radars though some marketing will be needed.


In the meantime the KuCoin exchange is growing very rapidly. I think this is a very good development for BOScoin!


Absolutely agree, I was pleasantly surprised to see some kucoin shares I bought for the listing vote raise in value nicely.

Seems to have potential as a major exchange.


I had the same, bought some for the voting and some extra. Nice investment now.
For those who still need to register: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E4mDoG


me too bought minimum amount to make a vote (50) and were worth 500 dollars when i logged into to see if any update on BOS