It seems to me or MainNet started its work?


Prompt someone, please …
500 000 000 BOS were released. Three hours ago I looked at and saw that BosCoin distributed up to 501 507 650.0681053. Now I looked at and I see that BosCoin is distributed to 501 890 071.2411053, which is 100.378804248%. Does this mean that new BosСoin coins are being created? Does this mean that MainNet has started its work?


No idea what is going on with Bosradar but no coins are being created. That won’t be until July with mainNet


The website is wrong. You can always check the right total supply from this page


July? You said that the master nodes will appear in May. Something changed?


July is the release of MainNet.


I think AMA video by Yezune Choi CEO discuss this more


if it’s there, it’s there. numbers don’t lie, people do, i think.


There has been a calculation issue on bosradar, the numbers were incorrect.

The only official, always valid representation of the current BOS blockchain / network state is through the Horizon API endpoint. The current supply can be checked at, as @jinhwanlazy mentioned. Look for the number behind total_coins, which currently still is 500000000.0000000.