Is Changki Park still with Boscoin?


I notice that Changki Park listed as advisor for EdenChain.
Is Changki Park still with Boscoin?


CK Park left the company in June 2017.


Oh really.
I thought he had only moved away from the project but continue to follow him closely :frowning:
Can we know why or is it confidential ?






This was announced on July 4, 2017.


During the announcement, CK Park was move to working on Delicracy which is part of Bos Platform enhancement. Hence, I assume CK Park is kind of part of Bos Platform.

Your statement seems like a clear cut relationship between CK Park and Bos Platform.
Is this the case?


CK park is not working for BOScoin any longer. He has many projects or companies some of which may be building products on our platform, but he has no direct on going relationship with BOScoin.