IOTA Hacked (phished) today maybe


$1.5B worth of $IOTA supposedly hacked (today)

Talk of private key being used as a password. Is BOS changing this for mainnet? I think they are but just making sure :wink:


Our wallet remains secure, and as long as you don’t share the secret seed with anyone, then no one is gaining access to your wallet. It would take .4 Billion years to break the secret seed for a single wallet. No one is accessing your wallet without the secret seed, even you.

Don’t trust any person, website, or service with your secret seed. Keep your secret seed encrypted when not in use. Don’t share it with anyone, and especially don’t save it online even if you think a website is protected or private… It isn’t.

The best practice is to keep your secret seed off line, i.e. cold storage, and only use it to transfer funds. You can check your balance and transaction history without your secret seed at the following sites.


I see you never heard of foolproof. There are dumb people. You cannot save them from doing stupid things by just yelling. It’s not matter of security but design.


At some point will there be a way to interact with the network without having to use your secret seed? Like for my ledger I have an account I use but the seed can be used for recovery. It’s just awkward having to type that massive seed haha :slight_smile:


improvements to the wallet will be rolled out with BOSnet.


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