Inputting SEED does nothing



I’ve input my SEED but the “Open” button won’t show up. Anyone else facing this issue? and if so, any suggestions to ammend?



you need at least 0.1 BOS to open the wallet. Your secret seed is valid. Do not generate another address. In you can buy BOScoin (BOS)


Give me your public address Baronbloe and I’ll send you 1 BOScoin to unlock your wallet.


:star_struck: you are great !!


hi guys, also want to open a wallet in order to claim my BOSCoin. Could someone be so kind to send me 1 BOSCoin to get it opened? I’ll send it back after I got my BOSCoins transmitted.




I have sent you 1 BOS, don’t worry about sending it back it’s a gift! :slight_smile:


I can not do anything with boscoin wallet, after all these years I’ve been waiting for the boscoin to go to the final.


[created at ] operation type: from -> to amount

[2018-02-25T01:43:31Z] create_account: GCU5 -> self 1.0000000

You have 1 BOS in your wallet. if you use the correct secret seed, then it will work… no spaces 56 characters. no zero, one, or nine


hi scott, can you give me 1 boss. if you wish.


you already have 1 BOS


Hi Chef_Bedo,

thanks for your kindness! :grinning:


Hi @philippetheunissen

No problem at all :clinking_glasses: