If I will be a node on test net, can I get rewards?


I understand that Test-net will be open in June. And I will be a node. In test-net, can I get rewards for frozen and node rewards? Or I can get their rewards on main-net only?


There are no rewards on testNet. Running a testnet node is strictly voluntary, and not required to run a mainNet node.


How long after testnet will main net be launched?


This was covered in the latest newsletter @conrad and a direct quote from that is “TestNet is on schedule for release by early June. An official launch date will be published by the CTO once it is determined. As has already been announced, MainNet will follow several months after TestNet launch, and is expected to be launched in the 4th quarter 2018.”


Thank you, Scott.
I can understand that.


I guess we will have a good Christmas and New years then if we are lucky. But have a feeling it’ll be 2019


Well I hope MainNet is delivered in Q4 on time @conrad and that you have a good Christmas regardless. :smile:


I think it’s time to relax this summer and wait for the Christmas gift to arrive. I just hope that mainet is not restrained and becomes a Valentine’s gift, I never had luck that day hahaha


Well for your and all our sakes I hope we all get lucky for Valentine’s Day :wink: