I want to be node。


Good Morning from Japan.
I want to be a node and I got 100,000BOS.
I can 10 freezing and 2 nodes?
Or 1 node(80,000BOS) and 2freezing?


Yes once mainnet goes live you will be able to set up nodes, but until then we just have to hold them.


You will be able to freeze coins in your wallet in groups of 1 unit (10,000 BOS) but to run a node you will need to freeze at least 40,000 BOS, have stable Internet speeds and vote on proposals.
I recommend putting all your coins into 1 node for the first few years before rewards start decreasing, then as transactions per second increase you can separate your coins into a few separate nodes to multiply your transaction rewards.


Thank you so much.
And can I be a node on main net open in this June or July?


You can run a node as long as you meet these three criteria:

  1. Have access to fast/stable Internet speeds.
  2. Have at least 40,000 BOScoin
  3. Vote on systemic proposals at least.

If you have the best interest of how the Commons budget is spent to give BOScoin maximum value returning proposals I would advise voting on all proposals but a required minimum is the systemic proposals (changes to the code).


if I have 40,000 coins, it’s better to freeze them or 1 node?


You can get 4freez ing rewards and node rewards both.


to run a node you need to freeze 4 units and you get 3 rewards.
Firstly you get freezing rewards, then confirmation rewards and transaction rewards, whereas if you just freeze 4 units all you get is freezing rewards so it is much more rewarding to run a node.
check out this rewards calculator to check the numbers for yourself.


Some one bought huge amount of BOS at 2.5$〜3$ in January.
Now, the price of BOS is extremely low, I bought 40,000BOS for node today.


Are you talking about hitBTC? This is why we were warning people against buying BOScoin IOUs, if people had listened to us and waited until a new exchange came along so you could buy real BOScoin their BOScoin would not be locked up at HitBTC.


I bouht 40,000BOS today at Ku-Coin and transfer to my BOS wallet.
I never got my BOS at hitbtc.
I know that some-one bought IOU at hitbtc in January.


I was referring to the person who bought a huge amount of BOScoin at $2.50- $3 as I don’t believe BOScoin made it to the price on KuCoin