How can i get boscoin?


How can i get boscoins?


The team is in touch with various exchanges and they let us know that BOScoin would be listed on an exchange before the end of this year. So you will soon be able to buy BOScoin on exchanges. There is also OTC trading going on and HitBTC is trading BOScoin as IOU (although they said that they would convert it to the real token soon).

We are also currently holding a bounty program to get BOScoin listed on KuCoin, more information can be found over here: Bounty and Lottery for listing vote. If you participate, you will receive 2 BOS if you register your voting application, and you will also have a chance to win 1000 BOS as an extra.


The voting has currently ended with Boscoin winining.


yes we know now hitbtc, kucoin and another exchange will list boscoin!


BOScoin will soon be listed on the KuCoin exchange, you can use the following link to receive KuCoin bonus or use the code E4mDoG