Hitbtc actually happening?!


All I see on the forums is that BOS is a big scam and that they’re never launching on Hitbtc. I’ve fought for BOS every step of the way, but if it doesn’t launch on HitBTC soon, the whole project might as well not exist.


@Hankyeol said the following in Slack recently:

I think I am allowed to say hitBTC came through (although we all knew they kinda have to list us sooner or later). I know some of you dislike hitBTC as an exchange but it’s a start. Deposits and withdrawals will be available soon although they failed to give us a timeline.

Nowadays there are many ERC-20 tokens and many exchanges have already adopted and implemented this standard. BOScoin, however, is not an ERC-20 token, it is a new blockchain platform based on Stellar. This also means that exchanges need to implement BOScoin’s standard before BOScoin can be listed and traded. Considering this, and taking into account that exchanges get many requests for hundreds of other coins to be listed, it simply takes more time. Nevertheless the team is doing their utmost best to get listed on (well known) exchanges as soon as possible, with KuCoin as a next step.

When will BOScoin be able to be traded and exchanged?

BOScoin is only going to launch us if there is enough pressure from the community or if BOScoin becomes available on one of the other exchanges as that will certainly undercut hit BTC’s IOU sales, when you come to think of it all these exchanges are mainly in it for the money and they won’t be forthright in coming forward to sell BOScoin for cheaper when they can continue selling their IOUs at an inflated price


@mitchell You can help setting up more pressure on HitBTC by liking, commenting and retweeting this Tweet:

And enter the KuCoin voting contest as our communities action:
to get listed there and impress binance to get listed there.


I posted this forum on HITBTC: https://forum.hitbtc.com/discussion/2261/boscoin?new=1.

I also liked and retweeted. Let’s get this damn thing out there.


Please comment with your anger also. That might legitimately help.


Yes but please try to keep it classy, no vulgarity or swear words


I can tell you we will be listed. Can’t say when, or who. Just watch for the announcement from us. It is coming!