Hear Here, the 2nd Voting Proposal!


2nd PF voting for PayExpress

@scott,How much annual turnover of PayExpress and if any extra information with this PF ,can you share our community.


You can discuss the PF 2, and get additional information at https://boscoin.io/boscoin-congress-forum-en/ just for members. Also, Payexpress has a telegram http://t.me/PayExpress_english you can join and ask them directly.
Our Official telegram also has much discussion regarding the proposal. https://t.me/OfficialBOScoin


When does the voting start on the 2nd proposal?


it’s already started. Feb 22nd, 2019 ~ Feb 28th, 2019


Just voted thanks. Any plans for more marketing? The forum has been pretty dead lately.


Most discussion is on the telegram https://t.me/OfficialBOScoin