Getting correct price on Cryptocompare


Cryptocompare has principally used only the Hitbtc price for the market and as we know that’s been based on the IOU’s initially and has never had there Wallet online, so I contacted them today to add Kucoin to their markets. It’s a start to getting the correct price if you are using Portfolio feature since Hitbtc seems to be at a slight premium over Kucoin and they would display an average. It should also boost the diaplayed 24hr trading volume which might increase some interest.


I’ve just got a response to say they’ll add it in


Good job! Thanks for your effort!


Thanls, it’s done now :+1:


Hi Andy, nice work. would be great to get the market cap listed too with circulating supply numbers added ( probably we need to get those numbers first)


I think it is bordering on fraudulent HItBTC selling BOScoin IOUs.