Get my tokens on the wallet


Hello. The instructions say that I must drop my e-mail and public address in telegrams to get tokens. But I do not have Telegram and I can not have it. What should I do?


Use WeChat and send to BOS_tokennet


Why do not you read the message in WeChat? But my friends in the Telegram answer?


Is this process to send e-mail and Telegram will be always used or it is working this manner just during the time of mainet is not lauch? It is not look like friendly for users and to geto scalability.
I just create an account and I loose to much time to understand it.
Please, try to keep this easy/


this is the process to claim your tokens. You can send a message to WeChat at BOS_tokennet if telegram is giving you an error.

If you buy on kucoin, all you need to do is create wallet, and transfer coins. Easy.


Ok. then lets include this info in the Boscoin wallet page.
As I wasted time to understand this process, I believe that others also will waste time.
It should help


There is a wallet guide.


and a claim guide.


I wait for a response more than 5 days.Why nobody replies from WeChat?


send an email to … I will look up your account.


no one will reply via those apps, your information is verified and sent… but if you email then I can look up your account to see if there is any problem.


I have sent an email to boscoin and telegram bos_tokenet. but until now there has been no answer. please help us to be able to open the boscoin wallet.


if you don’t send to the correct accounts referenced in the claim instructions then we can’t send you the BOS.

A brief summary of the flow is as follows:

Create your Web-wallet.
Send the Public Address of your Web-wallet from the same e-mail you used to participate in the pre-sale, fundraiser, and/or bounty program to
Send your full e-mail account and Public Address again via Telegram. The Telegram ID you are looking for is BOS_tokennet. Beware of the caps.


Can we increase the security of the wallet by downloading the tools from dell error code 2000-0147 ?? Please help me out.