Freezing and Membership rewards beyond 2019


To finance the Membership and freezing rewards 160,833,600 BOS will be issued. Are these 160,833,600 BOS part of the criculating 500,000,000 BOS or will they be newly minted?

In order to maintain the same rewards next year another 160,833,600 BOS will need to be issued which is an inflation of 32%. Is this what is going to happen or will these rewards be finance from another source?


These coins are issued (new coins) as part of the PF00 budget.


After one year, a new proposal is submitted for vote. It hasn’t been published what the issuance or distribution will be. The community will vote on it, and all proposals. Rewards are new coins issued to members.


I need information for unfreeze,can you provide the procedure for unfreeze.


use the congrss ap

  1. unfreeze the wallets you want
  2. wait 14 days
  3. withdrawal to membership account


Thank you very much sir.