Fake BOScoin price at HitBTC


Not surprisingly Boscoin is in the top losers right before Kucon opening trading http://archive.is/MT3nY and has gone down -350% since the day of my post four days ago.


Why am I talking with such a rude guy? You are just proving me right for the second time. I was right with the price and I was right pointing out people bark at you if you question the price. You’re obviously another ICO buyer apart from your presence being unpleasant.


Do you really think that being the ico at 0.05c that goes public, really, at 0.60 bos is loser? because I think success has been excellent, friend


is a good time to buy now, take advantage


Sorry I’ve never called loser to anyone.


can be the translator,
it is already corrected, but what I want to say is that for those who bought in ico to 0.05 the success is resounding, not to lost


Aprende inglés macho jaja 10x no está mal, no.


People I’ve had to mod like 5 posts from this thread alone, which is more than I’ve done on the entire site in the past 3 months… Keep it civil! and by the way… I’m closing this thread. Play nice.