Fake BOScoin price at HitBTC


Don’t worry I was the one telling everyone in slack not long after BOScoin’s ICO that hitBTC was a scam as its price for BOScoin was $5.40 straight after the ICO, I was shouted down for my opinion then just as you are now, they take money that would be going into BOScoin’s after launch and give it to a private company which adds nothing to the value of BOScoin when it eventually launches. I was not trying to cause FUD back then to buy at a cheaper price just as you are not now but that doesn’t seem to matter to some people.


Not anymore. Try https://portal.stellarport.io/exchange/alphanum4/BOS/GDCW5YQVHCQCAGUDTZHS5TF6ZNZ2SQSB37BRMBJZIECPOTEXD3Y6BRA2/native/XLM/Stellar

Instruction is here. https://bosanchor.io/


As the writer of the anchor, I’d say yes, it is safe and fully automated. The matter is if you can trust me or not. :slight_smile:
Currently only few trades are made, few hundreds of BOS.


Sorry for unkindness of the instruction. But once you have some XLM in your account(use the same secret seed of your BOS account), everything will look clear.


Hm. Never happened to me. Let me check. Can you try it with StellarTerm for now?


How much XLM do you have in that account? There is minimum required XLM to do anything, just like BOS. To add trust line and make an offer. You need at least 3 XLM.


Yes it’s supper nice but the liquidity is terrible.


This happens with many communities, they are only interested in pumping the price and any comment from a well intentioned person that they think can create FUD or lower the price isn’t welcome. My post is pure logic and if you can’t follow that logic is because one person is illogical—stupid—or he’s interested in that logic not being spread. Also the answers aren’t counterarguments, are only personal attacks (@t-spark has said to me that I might be desperate) and irrational answers.

I also noticed the Telegram bot, when asked the price (/price command) it gives you the price along with a Kucoin link with a referral link! I feel like a cow ready to be milked. So a project that tries to take the most money out of the community by referrals, pumping the price and what not… I think the project is legit and I like it but some behaviours are just really funny.

The space is full of scammers and a solid project needs to have 100% integrity and accept critics. When you are attacked for just talking it’s a symptom of not a healthy environment. It feels like being in the middle of a communist country speaking about private property and individual freedom—you’re gonna get crushed.

Thankfully the bull market is cooling down and stupid money is not around any more, the BOScoin community will pay the consequences of letting this happen and not even warning, avoiding it, or worst, attacking people that do.


Wow that’s dumb as fuck


OK, OK, I think I should give you @maesitos some credit as you seem to be new to BOScoin and Crypto.
Crytpo is wildwest, unregulated in many ways.

And wether you like it or not, its not very often about fairness, logic and rationale.
Unfortunately your first post in this forum smelled of those trying to FUD and bring down the price for their own benefit and entrance.

One must be very careful these days with “info” and “intel” and not fall for the manipulation of others, wether its pump and dump or other tactics.

Btw. BOScoin has no official telegram channel, its privatly managed (No, not by me).
That costs time and efforts.
So why do you bother about a referal link (which is not vaild anymore either)?
Its a way to honour a project or tool or DAPP.
And I appreciate the efforts of those doing this voluntarily and for free.
Nobody forces you to tip or use a referal link.


I bought my first BTC early 2013, I don’t think I’m new. The fact that it’s unregulated doesn’t mean I can’t speak out. In fact I don’t believe in gov. regulations. But still, this is a personal attack and I’m not here to talk about me or if I’m a noob.

So why do you bother about a referal link (which is not vaild anymore either)?
Its a way to honour a project or tool or DAPP.

The 12,000,000$ ICO and the huge number of BOScoins reserved in the budget are more than enough to support any work (at the expense of the investor, in the case of the BOScoins being released creating more circulating supply). 12M is a huge budget for a software of this size.


Not surprisingly Boscoin is in the top losers right before Kucon opening trading http://archive.is/MT3nY and has gone down -350% since the day of my post four days ago.


Why am I talking with such a rude guy? You are just proving me right for the second time. I was right with the price and I was right pointing out people bark at you if you question the price. You’re obviously another ICO buyer apart from your presence being unpleasant.


Do you really think that being the ico at 0.05c that goes public, really, at 0.60 bos is loser? because I think success has been excellent, friend


is a good time to buy now, take advantage


Sorry I’ve never called loser to anyone.


can be the translator,
it is already corrected, but what I want to say is that for those who bought in ico to 0.05 the success is resounding, not to lost


Aprende inglés macho jaja 10x no está mal, no.


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