Exchanges: Community action needed!


If you haven`t already and want exchanges to list BOScoin please support BOSteam by contacting

  1. HitBTC with an e-mail to Dave Dahan from public relations, example text from Chef Bedo here:

To David Dahan,

I have an account with HitBTC and would really like it if you would list real BOScoin rather than IOUs as I know there are a number of other big exchanges the team at BOScoin have applied for and I would prefer to buy them through you rather than signup to another exchange.

Thanks for your time.

  1. HitBTC by sending your own tweet or add your likes or retweet these tweets:

  2. WCX exchange is new (IMHO not a fraud) and aiming for big and has an application form for future coin listings:
    If you haven’t please fill in BOScoin at the bottom.
    The MORE voices BOScoin gets the better listing rank it receives!!!
    But don`t double apply.

  3. YObit not the greatest and nicest exchange but quite active. They have a form for adding coins:
    With a reasonable payment they guarantee a quick listing @scott, @douglas, @Hankyeol. Did BOS contact YObit, already? What reply?

  4. Please reply to this topic with other application forms and links from exchanges you know.
    (Be aware that BOScoin is NOT a ERC-20 token. Can’t be listed on ERC-20-only exchanges.)


Above letter is fine, but it should contain the reference at the beginning so that the reader immediately knows what it’s about. Something like this -

To David Dahan

Dear David

REF: BOScoin – Requesting Hitbtc to open trading from BOS IOU status to BTC/BOS trading pair.

As you are aware, BOScoin TokenNet was released some time ago with Stellar token-API that allows deposits and withdrawals and as Hitbtc is currently the only exchange trading BOScoin, it can be assumed that there are at least 8,538 registered Hitbtc users who bought BOScoin at the time of its ICO currently waiting patiently to start trading BOScoin on your exchange.

Furthermore, if there are reasons for the BOScoin delay on your exchange, that those reasons be relayed directly to the BOS team so that they in turn can inform the BOS community without further ado.

It is hoped that trading can be implemented ASAP so that the BOS community can move forward.


Your Name


T-spark & sukarno
good idea to put it here as well I haven’t got around to that yet… It takes a surely village :slight_smile:



WCX looks like scam


I know that and I can see the arguments. But if it isn’t (and there are also signs) we could get on a new and fresh exchange. It doesn’t hurt to file BOScoin on their form and apply for listing.
Look, no offense, but I don’t want to discuss WCX, here. Thats not the topic. Just an example of application forms we can file.

I´d love to see more links to other exchanges we could file or apply for as a community.
Or other suggestions to get listed on exchanges.


This is a good initiative (that we should have done for months now, that way we could have BOS available in other exchanges).

Around 2/3 months back I raised this in the Slack after someone (can’t remember who) posted that he had sent a request email to a few exchanges asking about BOScoin. I asked this person to share that email as a template in the Slack so everyone could do the same, right after that we were told to by someone from the BOS team to wait until further notice, that the team would tell us if they need this approach in order to get into the exchanges. This request from the team was never a reality (theoretically because the team didn’t need it).

Now I see this post pinned in the Forum, so my questions are: is this approach now needed? should we all be doing this? and why this thread has not been created by the BOS team itself? and why now and not weeks back?


@Hankyeol mentioned it in Slack last week and people started talking about it over there. It eventually ended up here on the forums as well in this topic. Maybe he can also further elaborate on the why, what and when, but he already shed some light on it in Slack:


Thanks @dahemmer, fair enough, I missed this post in the Slack, better late than never…
But I also think this piece of information would have been good to be posted in this week’s newsletter.


Another opportunity for beeing listed:


Vote for Bittrex: