Exchanges and technical issue



I would like ask Boscoin team, how exchanges had to integrate with network without possibility of running node?
Yes, I know that it will be possible in the 2018, and then exchanges will have no problem with it.

So please explain.


Hello @tomaszg. We currently have the TokenNet up and running, which is a initial release of the blockchain with limited functionality to allow the community to transact BOS tokens among the network and at exchanges accepting BOS tokens.

The nodes that are running in the TokenNet are operated by the BOScoin team. This is to ensure stability with the quorum structure and also because the reward system isn’t available yet. The team will operate these nodes until MainNet launch, from then on anyone can run a node, as long as that person freezes at least 40,000 BOS.

Two exchanges have already confirmed to list BOScoin: KuCoin and HitBTC. They are currently integrating the BOScoin wallet into their system, so we can expect listing in the near future.