Energy7 strategic agreement


In May 2018, Boscoin announced Strategic agreement to launch the first public financing project in November with “Energy7”, an O2O(online-to-offline) platform that is an innovator in the petroleum distribution industry.


It will be interesting to read their proposal, the article said they will be doing a Trust contract but I’ve also seen mentioned that Energy7 will be publicly financed, which one is it or can it be both?


this energy7 Public Financing is going to be part of the testNet testing, so Trust Contracts / Governance / Public Financing work flow.


As I recall they already have a petrol station app so would that be something they put on our platform or something similar?


In the press release, we are going to be partnering with them to replace their traditional financing with public financing and I do not have any details on this.


This could be pretty huge having stated they will start in South Korea, China, Indonesia and expanding into Asia.


Just have to wait for details, this is just the first project for Public Financing, but it’s a real company and real partnership.