Dutch volunteer website boscoin.nl stops to exist


A Dutch dedication website (boscoin.nl) is now offline due to insufficient support from the official Boscoin team. Although we managed to setup a 300+ member Telegram channel, created a brand new news website, did a Facebook campain, receiving many e-mails from our website, we don’t get any support, even though the official marketing side from Boscin team is very dissapointing so far. An official statement from the Dutch volunteer team can be read on boscoin.nl


Stop with your sorry story trying to paint BOScoin in a bad light because they were not interested in financially supporting a website that you openly admit was voluntary right up to the point where you insisted payment for a Dutch domain name. You might not have noticed but BOScoin is a South Korean company that would have absolutely zero use for.long your long list of domain names.
And please don’t try to tear down BOScoin while you’re on your way out…


You have not been involved in any verbal commitments that have been made to us, so why do you comment at all?
And besides that, I think you have not read the complete message on boscoin.nl. You are comfortably reading between the lines.


I think it was commented, that websites and groups can be created freely. But bos did not commit to financially helping anyone, and the main objective of boscoin today is not marketing. It is sad that you have to close your website, in Spain we have a completely free group and if we create a website, we will not ask for financial help from Boscoin. It will be to support the project.


This website has never been associated with BOScoin, and the owner/operator never entered into any contract with the BOScoin Foundation or BlockchainOS.


100% correct. Apart from the verbal commitment Douglas gave to me on Slack (and never executed after 6 months waiting).

Anyway, all the best!


Keeping that message online is just spreading more FUD, I understand your frustration but this is not helping this community…:frowning:


Sorry, we got a verbal commitment for bounty but after 6 months still nothing. I see no reason to change the website. Boontje komt om zijn loontje.


If the community is turning it’s back against a company, you know what time it is. Such a shame. Without the community BOScoin does not exist. It also seems they are miserly and not keeping promisses.


Do you mean verbal commitment as in spoken or written in a message via Slack @HJdeVries ? If in a message can you show us the screenshot where the agreement was made? It should be easy enough to find in your message history.


u have PM…


Spreading fud by 1 user has nothing to do with others in this community.
I think lot of us believe in the leadership and technology of this platform and the team will do well. Building this technology takes time, patience is key here.
You all be filty rich next year if u have an full node. Remember masternode prices of Dash last year?
Large investers will come to this space this year. Start finding youre local Tesla reseller, cause u will be driving one next year :red_car: :yum:


FUD is an acronym for fear, uncertainty and doubt. It is a marketing term that is often used to cast a shadow over a competitor’s product when your own is unable to compete. FUD is a technique used by larger companies who have a large market share. Now I spread FUD? LOL. Truth you mean.


TESLA???I’ll wait for it to come out, the BOSSOLAR CAR !!! :rofl: :rofl:


I’m a pre-ico investor and still hodling. And i don’t have a plan of selling my BOScoins. In fact i am still accumulating. To others: when in doubt, get out.


The team doesn’t deliver in time, and doesn’t keep promises to community. That’s why it’s dropping more than other coins.


According to Google Trends you’ve built the nice community in the Netherlands, you definitely put a lot of work into it. It is sad that the team doesn’t keep promises to community.


a person who did a simple boscoin retweet got more bounty than us, we got zero.


Still waiting for that screenshot @HJdeVries from your slack account of the verbal agreement Douglas gave you so please stop talking about this until you come up with the goods.