@Douglas.K, @dahemmer did not provide an answer. Is there anyone on Boscoin team who can help me?


Please see my other posts and help me resolve this case. Anyone at Boscoin reading this?


As you already know, I’m unable to help you as I can’t resolve your inquiry. I’m sure it’s being looked at, but I don’t know how long it will take. Opening new topics every week won’t speed up the process, though.


A link to the post would be nice…
Btw, have you read the terms and condition of the fundraiser?


Which part of the terms are you referring to? Are you a staff member on Boscoin team?

In the dashboard, it says my Boscoins are ‘Refunding’ since the beginning. That’s more than 6 months. Boscoin has failed to either refund them or credit boscoins to my account. They also refused to provide an official answer. They can say this will be resolved in 3 months or whatever. But nothing, only silence on their part.