Deconomy speakers


Most funds are locked up until mainnet is live. At least the commons budget part. Once we have the mainnet and we can propost marketing plans and we can distribute funds for marketing proposal that the node holder vote on. But until then I am not sure where the funds would come from. But we need to find away thats why I suggested we do a donation drive. Until mainnet is live. Or they offer future BOS coins. But they definitely need a publisist or marketing specialist and team. But if they didn’t alot it in the original budget they don’t have the funds available for other things. That is understandable, and they said in the last news letter they would be pick it up. But I don’t know exactly to what extent. It needs to be outside of meetups and conferences, but we need to do those as well.

But I am in total agreement with you they definitely need one and should included marketing in the original budget and white paper. The probelm is many still believe that marketing and advertsing is bad for real crypto currencies, but the space is changing and to succeed on the mainstream level it is something we must do. My felling is WE NEED TO SAY IT THEN MAKE IT TRUE!!!


What I understand or at least what I think I understand is that TokenNet was only brought about because people in the community wanted to be able to trade their tokens and buy their required node amount of BOS before launch and partly to stop HitBTC from ripping people off with their shady IOUs, the whole point of BOScoin’s Commons budget is to pump money into marketing and funding apps built on our platform, also a later idea was public financing but I digress….
I think BOScoin team are going to do things at their own pace as they probably have a plan in place that us as community members don’t have the luxury of knowing?
Let’s just hope they know what they’re doing……?


Are you really supporting them or just being paid for that? I don’t want to proclaim anything but it’s just not going as good as it’s sounds. Not wanna showing my main account, but i’ve even took a quick loan at to make it until fundraising ends. So, i’m really kinda worried.


Here nobody is paid, I also support them and I still firmly believe in the project despite the delays, and that feeling is seen in the market that does not want to go down, after the big fall.