Deconomy speakers


That is a well said statement and that should certainly be considered. It is my hope that with this second white paper and new partnership BOS will pick up some steam!!


@Chef_Bedo @scott @dahemmer @Douglas.K @ISRAEL_JIMENEZ_SANZ @Rosco @BosGirl Hey guys do we have representitives at Consensus and is someone from the team speaking at the conference?


I’m not sure but I’ll check with the team, when is it do you know?I have told them to look ahead of schedule up to a year in advance searching for speaking slots so we can get out amongst our competition and grow our user base.


I know BOScoin just went away conference in Prague but I’m not sure what their timetable re: conferences looks like going forward I will remind them to start looking 6 to 12 months in advance.


It ended today it was from 5/14-5/16 they had 8500 people there this year and in the US its the conference of all conferences. It where all big money and big idea people in the crypto sphere


So if hashed is working with BOScoin and Icon and BOS wasn’t even mentioned in the video by any of the people in the video. That is disheartening we should be coming out of everyone mouth by now


What stage is ICON up to, are they up to MeanNet? From what I’ve seen of ICON there are a lot of aspirations and great futuristic videos that are highly marketed but BOScoin is trying to have real world uses, for example their CEO used to be a commodity trader and I know they want to get into trading commodities on their platform. Like Energy7 wants to trade petrol using trust contracts and BOSolar is another good example trading solar energy between households. Those are just energy but there are endless commodities that could be traded on BOScoin’s platform.
Try not to be too dismayed about them not showing at every conference, I would like them to be at more but they have their strategy, I have asked them personally to book far in advance to try to get as many as possible.


Yeah its sad its just sad i dont have words for it this is a recurring issue with Boscoin. it seems that they just dont get it. I give up I accept that this is not Boscoins intention to build awareness at all at first there excuse was oh well we will build a comunity and market when we are on exchanges than now we still dont really see that. they obviously just dont see it as important at all. The biggest problem is not that Boscoin isn’t building its small comunity the problem is that they are not even in the Blockchain Comunity. like you said they where not mentioned once in the Video. They didnt even go to Deconomy and Deconomy was hosted in Korea. dare I say do you need more writing on the wall.


I can’t believe they didn’t go to consensus it is the biggest blockchain event its where everyone goes to announce yourself to the western world and open you up to millions in investment potential. That is where all the bigboys make there announcements. The announcements made with white paper 2 it would have been the perfect place to make announcement in front of everyone about what they are upto. The blockchain industry is about technology, but the communinty and getting the word about what your doing. I heard a commercial that had a line in it that says it all.

"50 percent of science is convincing the world that what you are doing is important. "I

f you don’t convince them someone else will come out with an exact copy or even an inferior copy of what you are doing and just have better marketing and they will corner the market.

Community building is hard it takes alot of work and I am just not seeing the work being done

If we don’t get this done now who is going propose all the great projects that we need to grow the value of BOScoin.

So Boscoin Consensus is 12 months away you need to plan on having someone be there next year becuase we missed a giant opportunity here. All the announcements this week came from consensus. Coinbase Institutional suite announcement, ZEC being added to GEMINI exchange, xrp new xSpring initive, Coinbase is backing a company that will allow shorting and large scall margin trading, Enigma demod there “Secret Contract” privacy protocol. Circle raises 110 million in funding for there new stable coin and also digitized fiat and crypto market. Plus many other things and it was a great opportunity. I can’t believe that we were not there in force we could have gotten all the recognition we needed


For the traders: Move along people, nothing to see here. End is near, volume is picking up and rsi and obv indicators are slowly moving up. keep an eye out for wave 3 then sell at wave 5 and move your money into LTC or ICON asap.

For the investors: be patience, promote BOS on social media, be a smiling positive member of this community. Grab a beer because when people are feeling depressed and complaining about the team where at the bottom, only way is up! And try to buy another unit at these prices because its a steal.


well said @bdfulker2 its a shame and the question is why. was Boscoin ICO just a money grab i hope not but what else are we to believe. they lack transparency with the small tinny little comunity. transperancy has been a problem that never seems to be fixed. never seems to be solved i just don’t know why and next question why not give a reason why they where not there. there is something going on that we dont know about. maybe they just dont think Boscoin stands up on its own when speaking on a stage with all these other Blockchain Projects. so maybe there embarrassed to show up. i dont know but i feel your frustration,


Assuming negativity isn’t benefiting anything. Most likely they are working on launching main net. I’m guessing they will be there next year, the main net isn’t launched yet, so they have other priorities.


Now I understand that they are working on mainnet and I support that. I just don’t understand why they can’t do both. There should be a team dedicated to these events and marketing. i feel that the oppurtunity cost is exponential. If there is a problem getting funds cuase mainnet isn’t operational and the commons budget can’t be accessed. Then the community should have a way of putting forward requests in the mean time. Calculate what is would cost for to have such a team for this and ask for donations. It probably should have been put into the orignal budget so it could be accessed prior to main net. But we are obviously past that now, but still we need to have a marketing team and we should have someone attending the big events which should fall under marketing. There are many companies starting and in the planning phases and some or a few at least could have been a part of the BOScoin financing but since we are not marketing right now they don’t konw about it. Just saying missed opportunity… Hopefully next time we will do better


Rosco please start a thread on this forum to share your technical analysis on price action


We go to events where we can 1. Speak to the main audience and 2. setup a booth to engage participants. I’m planning conferences, and if we can meet these two goals then we will go. If the conference planners do not allow us to speak at their conference, and/or run a booth, then we won’t go. We may attend the conference to speak to participants one-on-one, or network and engage potential business partnerships, but that isn’t guaranteed. We had two of our team members attend Deconomy this year.

Boscoin at Consensus 2018

@scott now where there particular reasons we were not at Consensus. I think there would have value even if we just went to speak to people one on one their.

I was reading up on XRP new XPring (spring) initiative aimed at providing grants and loans to help build out its blockchain. XRP also uses smart contracts and it seems that XRP is now our direct competitor for our public financing initiative. They made this announcement at Consensus which happened about a week after our announcement, but it was announced at a large venue with extremely large audience. I feel like we should be doing something to improve our position in the market. What can the community do now is there a marketing initiative out community can participate in. Can we beging a marketing proposal and donations drive and then vote so we can begin a marketing campaign before the launch of mainnet?


The best way to increase our position in the market is to actually have a working product, and we are working on that.

testNet is scheduled for June, and on schedule. I tried to get us a speaking slot at Consensus, but we are a new project and in development.


Yes @Scott that is an important part of what we need to do to increase our market position. We have this community sitting idly by when we could be doing something to improve our market position and spread awareness with a coordinated message through a marketing campaign. Why is it that whenever someone in the community brings this up you shut it down with a blanket statement. The working product is only part of what needs to be done to have a successful project and network. The development team is doing a great job and I am so happy that the testnet is on schedule.This community will be voting on proposals for marketing and to access the commons budget for project such as marketing plans and other things that will make this project better. I understand that we can’t access the commons budget and not asking for it, but many in the community think we should be marketing more and its like your just shutting down the idea when someone tries to bring forward a valid point regarding marketing. If I have to wait till june to start we can wait but alot can happen in 2 to 4 weeks. We are definitely missing out on business opportunities and projects that can be beneficial to our community and network.


its a great point and what I hear when the communities concerns about marketing are shut down with a blanket statement along the lines of. oh well we will do that after we have a working product, its sounds just like oh we will market when we are on a exchange. now we are on an exchange and still no marketing initiative. what excuse will be said after you have a working product something like oh we will market when what ever is next. this is why most reviews of Boscoin state a lack of transparency

So what I hear is Boscoin doesn’t want to market there product? thats what I hear loud and clear. reason being they have raised Millions from the ICO. so why would money be an excuse number two Marketing is free there is a thing called You tube and social media it isn’t hard to reach out for a interview to Crypto You tubers. so so so much free marketing out there.

But if that is true what they say that they will market after this and that. well than its a fact Boscoin do not understand Marketing and this is the big problem with Boscoin. the one big giant elephant in the room is Boscoin doesn’t understand marketing. Thats a problem. they need to hire a marketing expert ASAP i repeat this project is in trouble Boscoin needs a Marketing expert ASAP. LIKE NOW. or this project is going no where.

projects that dont have a working product but where marketing and building there comunity
Tezos - so hyped Will Bosocin just fall in the dust of TEZOS
Sky coin DIDNT really have a working product for soo long still built there comunity and marketed over a long time, LOTS of interviews social media updates daily
but EOS wow probably one of the biggest communities in Blockchain still no working product but damn they have been marketing the shit out of it and why because the comunity and network effect is oxygen to there success. They get it

Thats my two cents and to be honest I’m just really sad that BOSCOIN doesn’t understand Marketing. Marketing is not something you think about last or not at all.


I think Bosoin need someone on there team that is a marketing expert thats why this is there biggest problem. its a massive problem because they dont see it as a problem. they have enough money from there ico why can’t they hire a marketing expert. like what are they going to do when they get to that point when they decide to market. when they have no experts in this field on the team. marketing isn’t a last minute thing. like the fact that all marketing efforts are on the back burner is Kinda shocking. can anyone tell me why this isn’t shocking?

yeah sure i get it and understand building a working product very important still not a excuse for no marketing at all. one guy hire one guy. look what Amanda B Jhonson did for Dash thats marketing and very cheap marketing that didn’t cost Dash much at all and no effort was taken away from development in doing so. Prim example. Bosocin I’m saddened do see and hear that you are missing this point.