Deconomy speakers


i was wondering why there was no one from Boscoin team at the Deconomy event in Seoul, KOREA.

like am i wrong i can’t see anyone from boscoin team on the website?

Boscoin can’t take a backseat to the blockchain comunity, I do not know why they wouldn’t attend at all and make a presence as its in there neighbourhood. I was always bullish on Bosocin because i thought it would be connected to the Korean people but its like it doesn’t even exist at all there. there was 78 speakers there surely someone from bosoin could of attended and spoke. if every one at boscoin is not confident enough to speak publicly because they are to shy or what ever. maybe they need to hire a public spokesperson. Boscoin need there own Roger Ver


They only have developers


We have people there. @Douglas.K would know more about that event.


Instead there was Whalex booth, which is a new exchange promoting Boscoin as one of its primary currency.
I didn’t attended the event so I don’t know what they did there. But they surely have some connections.


what do you mean? there was almost everyone and anyone there speaking for there project


I completely agree. I noticed that Boscoin can’t be seen in most of Korean and international events. WHy??? You need to be much more active in cypto/block chain community if you want to be in the game. Your great ideas and the shinny code won’t cut it without global attentions. .It won’t. go anywhere without their supports. You need to be the part of whole ecosystem.


exactly i just don’t get it. maybe all us investors are stuck in a fantasy and dont want to look at the writing on the wall. its hard as I’ve been a hodler of last resort for Boscoin since ICO. But there is no savvy or hustle at all to be a brand above they want to be the guy plotting along in the background not being heard. its not being transparent to the comunity and having a connection with the comunity at all. Boscoin is just not in the conversation.

Charly lee recently did a interview where he said it was important to get light coin on as many exchanges as possible so as many people in as many markets can adopt and buy light coin. he attributes that to it being a top ten crypto currency. now bos coin on exchanges we know we are waiting for one of the big ones to list i understand it takes time as I’m in a few other communities with the same problem they take a while to list the coin. but there is soo many other exchanges out there that you need to be on and I’m sure there is no resources being used to get on any more exchanges apart from 1 or 2 others

If anyone is interested, Enjoy :slight_smile: