Deconomy speakers


i was wondering why there was no one from Boscoin team at the Deconomy event in Seoul, KOREA.

like am i wrong i can’t see anyone from boscoin team on the website?

Boscoin can’t take a backseat to the blockchain comunity, I do not know why they wouldn’t attend at all and make a presence as its in there neighbourhood. I was always bullish on Bosocin because i thought it would be connected to the Korean people but its like it doesn’t even exist at all there. there was 78 speakers there surely someone from bosoin could of attended and spoke. if every one at boscoin is not confident enough to speak publicly because they are to shy or what ever. maybe they need to hire a public spokesperson. Boscoin need there own Roger Ver


They only have developers


We have people there. @Douglas.K would know more about that event.


Instead there was Whalex booth, which is a new exchange promoting Boscoin as one of its primary currency.
I didn’t attended the event so I don’t know what they did there. But they surely have some connections.


what do you mean? there was almost everyone and anyone there speaking for there project


I completely agree. I noticed that Boscoin can’t be seen in most of Korean and international events. WHy??? You need to be much more active in cypto/block chain community if you want to be in the game. Your great ideas and the shinny code won’t cut it without global attentions. .It won’t. go anywhere without their supports. You need to be the part of whole ecosystem.


exactly i just don’t get it. maybe all us investors are stuck in a fantasy and dont want to look at the writing on the wall. its hard as I’ve been a hodler of last resort for Boscoin since ICO. But there is no savvy or hustle at all to be a brand above they want to be the guy plotting along in the background not being heard. its not being transparent to the comunity and having a connection with the comunity at all. Boscoin is just not in the conversation.

Charly lee recently did a interview where he said it was important to get light coin on as many exchanges as possible so as many people in as many markets can adopt and buy light coin. he attributes that to it being a top ten crypto currency. now bos coin on exchanges we know we are waiting for one of the big ones to list i understand it takes time as I’m in a few other communities with the same problem they take a while to list the coin. but there is soo many other exchanges out there that you need to be on and I’m sure there is no resources being used to get on any more exchanges apart from 1 or 2 others

If anyone is interested, Enjoy :slight_smile:


Maybe they messed the application deadline or something but I agree it is very important to at least attend all these South Korean events so icon doesn’t eat our lunch


yeah its kinda disappointing to be honest. dont keep all your eggs in one basket, thats what i say


I agree we definetly should of had someone there and at as many events as possible. I believe that If we had the marketing of some of the other ALT coins BOS would be at around $2.50 a coin. There is “tremendous” value in the technology that BOScoin is developing. I understand that many in our community and people in the crypto sphere in general don’t want to be a flashy coin that gets pumped and dumped or one that advertises on coinmarket cap. But we need to market directly to crypto investers and coinmarket cap, whattomine, and crypto compare are all sites with heavy concentrations of potential investor in our market segment segments end user. Now if BOScoin business plan is to only market to business as their customers that is fine, but the crypto investors and successful crypto companies all have a strong and loyal community. We have a small, but strong and loyal community I would like to see it grow and flourish.


Events are so important for the comunity growing. Bos has a very tiny tiny comunity its basically just us on this forum thats it. I know of coins that are shit coins buy the very definition that have a bigger comunity than us. I won’t mention any names but I’m sure you could name a few of the top of your head. any way I will not buy any more Bos until I see the ideals shift. Ill just hold but new money ill be investing in other projects and coins for now


I think people are judging BOScoin’s TokenNet unfairly with other digital currencies that are spending ungodly amounts pumping up their coins, TokenNet was only ever so we could trade tokens leading up to MainNet. MainNet is when the Commons budget will be spent on dapps and marketing and when we can be compared with others, we are already around number 110 out of 1600 digital currencies, I believe once MainNet begins we will surely rocket up the top 100 list.


yeah well i hope your right my only problem really is the lack of awareness developers where planing and testing apps ideas for many other platforms like eos and icon etc. Because they have been building there comunity long before the official release of the platform damn eos is having air drops of tokens and the main chain hasn’t been released yet. you just can’t beat that hype and awareness its a good thing a Good Good thing, they shouldnt cast it aside as oh they are just pumping the coin thats ignorant thinking


I’m certainly not referring to all other digital currencies but more referring to BOScoin’s Commons budget and the growth that will inject into our project once MainNet begins, there are a number of weaknesses BOScoin has that I wish I could fix but hopefully things will get better once TestNet is behind us and MainNet begins.


ICON WAS THERE. they seem to understand the point of it all. my biggest concern is not that Boscoin wasnt there but really the question why they whereat there and have no effort to market and grow the comunity events etc. ONE CONCERN they really do believe that they will build it and they will come. well everything I’ve ever heard and learned about business says that doesn’t happen it just doesn’t work that way so is that your business model wow. i hope not second and my biggest concern and the one I’m starting to lean more towards is. Maybe Just maybe Boscoin has lost the confidence it just doesn’t believe in itself anymore they can’t get on a public forum on stage and talk about Boscoin next to the icons of the world. Maybe they had this great first mover advantage in korea and yeah they blew it. its just going to get crushed buy these giants if they can’t even show there face at the event. But most of all and a rational mind can’t rule this one out maybe they where some people that got excited at the hight of the ico craze had a great idea to do a ico and thats where the enthusiasm ended.

Ill tell you a story about another ico i invested in a coin I’ve sold out of I had High hopes of this coin thought it could do wonders, than I was listening to a interview one day with the founders and they where talking about how successful they where this and that. and im like I’m done I’m selling they where basically celebrating and feeling like a success because there ico was a success and they got millions for doing nothing. i sold out and only made 50% but i knew with there attitude they will not be building this thing to its full capabilities they will just make it out like they are doing something to not look like criminals, well that coin has gone down to almost nothing exchanges have even delisted it. i saw the writing on the wall i got out. I hope boscoin can learn to build a comunity around it. the value is i the comunity I’m not selling out yet. I’m only holding for the hope and possibility that they will see the writing on the wall understand the importance of comunity and go full force into that.


wow buying icon after seeing this


it sounds like you’re number one concern is making a quick profit, I’m more interested in investing for the long term and running a node, setting up a foundation for a good steady passive income. BOScoin is only in TokenNet, marketing and building apps on our platform will come after MainNet is set up.


yeah no thats not what I’m concerned about at all if thats what you understood from writing than maybe your looking at my writings from a bias. I’m coming from a logical standpoint your master node will not be making any money if this project doesn’t develop a strong comunity this project could die thats my concern that is my concern why would you not be concerned about that. without a community without the network effect yeah thats a possibility. unfortunately the masses do not use the greatest technology they use what ever they know about if people dont know about it it will die. the internet protocol we all use today was not the best but its the one that gain more of a network effect and adoption at the start. Thats my point boscoin are not looking at the comunity as a value they are not looking at marketing and developing. i dont know how you can’t understand that from my writing i hope I’ve explained that more clearly here for you to understand.

Like i do hope you can realise that your master node will not be worth a cent if Boscoind doesn’t gain mainstream adoption of some sort protocols are being released everyday hash graph eos etc and more to come.

And I’m also offended and find it idiotic and ignorant to cast it aside as “oh I’m just concerned about making a profit” really if i was concerned about making a profit number one any one who has invested in ICO has made a profit thats me included. two why would i was my time writing in here i would be in trading forums trading the market right now if all i cared about was short term gains. Im here because I’m passionate about what boscoin can be and yes it does frustrate me where they are not sharing it to the world. I think they are missing the boat and the big opportunity buy not turning up to these events. And I’ve been invested since ico so to cast me aside as oh I’m just worried about making a profit is offensive and not though out you are not really looking at the valid questions and concerns I’m raising. Like seriously I’m a comunity member and I want the best for Boscoin.


I get your concern and I hear you loud and clear, I just watched the video you showed me and I will be bringing up with the team at BOScoin and see what they think, I agree with you that we need to build a community because a coin is only as good as its user base. Oh by the way, I didn’t mean to offend you :smile:


Can I just ask @BadBoymofo if is working with ICON and BOScoin is a direct competitor with ICON how do they separate their conflict-of-interest in helping both coins equally?