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BOScoin has been listed on KuCoin. Thats a great first step, we now need to be more vocal about BOScoin to grow our community. I did just that and pushed it and put it out on social media and everything I can. I would like to see us develop a marketing plan aside from word of mouth. I believe that in this ecosystem a properly place advertisment or name drop via tweet or something. I am not attached to what the plan is, but I feel that we need to do more than word of mouth. I do believe it can be done in a tasteful manner. I am NOT saying you have to plaster it all over coinmarket cap or whattomine, but there is value in name recognition and we are a young coin and community. But getting BOScoin’s name out there could be huge for BOScoin. I have asked this before and was met with distain. I would like to discuss or open the table to discus the possible implementation of a wider marketing strategy. It is important and it would need to be done right. So my question is what is the official marketing plan for BOScoin? Is there any plan to expand our marketing strategy and if not why?


What about a banner or advertising during the Olympics so people around the world start to recognize BOSCOIN!


Is there any progress on the meeting with Franz.inc in February?

and the benefits that BOScoin can have if it is associated with Franz.inc


Can you explain us about when or how to implement the homomorphic encryption in the BOScoin platform?


Are there new blockchain developers asking for a job at BOScoin?


Does the association with Cosmos still stand?


I want to know what the BOScoin team is doing about HitBTC!! What the hell happened there? Fake coin being sold there? How come I can’t withdraw my BOScoin off the exchange and to a wallet, so that my funds are safe and secure? Now I am a sitting duck for hackers instead? Please report on this situation in detail for us folks who thought they were participating in a professional project. How does this occur? What are the remedies? How frequently are you communicating with HitBTC about this egregious behavior?


I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news but when you signed up to HitBTC I suspect you didn’t read the terms and conditions or the fact that this was not the real BOScoin but just a future promise to them.
I suggest you go back and read those terms and conditions and if they have breached the contract you should talk to a lawyer but if you’re expecting the team at BOScoin to pay for a lawyer and fight your battles for you I think you’re going to be disappointed


CTO have you got claims from entities that BOScoin acts as a security??
And if so what is your response for those claims??


I read that homomorphic encryption is under development in collaboration.
I want to know who has ownership. BOScoin? or Seoul National Univ. and KAIST?
Or are you mindful of the establishment of a company supported by the Korea government?


As we know the boscoin forked from stellar/ripple sources, and as I know ripple/stellar devs can froze money on any account.
Is boscoin devs can also froze any account ?


Possibly related to @alexandre_rivero’s question.
There are number of homomorphic encryption methods with different characteristics. Since this is relatively new technology, they are sometimes considered immature. So I want to ask which algorithm specifically are you planning to use. Is it already published, or completely new one? How confident are you against the algorithm?
Also If you don’t mind, I want you to briefly introduce how homomorphic encryption could be integrated into ledger system. I expect detailed explanation will come with the whiltepaper 2.0.


The cryptocurrency world is all a buzz with the Lightining Network and its implementation and improvement of already large transaction per second coins. Ripple and Stellar are both looking into using some form of second layer payment systems due to possible future scalability issues. Is this something we/BOScoin see some value in and have you thought about this technology being used with BOScoin.


When will you update the website showing the official and current BOScoin associations?


By the way

the homomorphic encryption when it is going to be implemented in BOScoin or the mainnet will be implemented with the implemented homomorphic encryption?

  1. I see lately a lot of discussions and thoughts from boscoin on blockchain for Governments. is this the main use case for Boscoin…

  2. if so, could you highlight how would you penetrate the governments ( as they are the last to pick any innovation)?

  3. is there anything that makes boscoin uniquely positioned in terms of technology or other aspects which other blockchains cannot do for governments?

look forward to support Boscoin constructively