Create a pool for Boscoin Freezing Reward


I have an idea.

Who supports me and who can create something like this - write here.

Many people already have Boscoin coins.
However, as far as I know, in order to get a reward for freezing coins, you need to have at least 10,000 coins.

I have less than 10,000 coins.
However, I am ready to freeze my coins. I believe into the success of the project.

Because, the idea came to me.
Idea - Create a pool for freezing Boscoin coins?

Well, for example, as in Waves. Leasing.

How to do it?
What are the ideas?

Thanks to all!
I wish you good health and Blessings of God!


That idea is already underway. consists in creating a shared wallet of maximum eight people, in order to create a node (5000 bos each) ,
look at the forums down.


I would not say that idea is “underway” it has been brought up multiple times by the community.


You could always approach someone who already has enough coins to run a node and ask them to add your coins to theirs and figure out what percentage your additional coins come to and then they can run their node for however long until you’d like your coins back. Then just subtract their percentage.
This would have to be from someone you trust and you could write up a contract that you sign.


You’re right, I correct." We already discussed that idea in the community, as a proposal. If the developers want to do it, they’ll say it".what the chef says, it can also be done, join trusted friends and create a node and distribute what was agreed between you.


@ISRAEL_JIMENEZ_SANZ @scott @Ukraine2020
Please check again what Yezune replied to my 2nd AMA question of the first round:

Will combined btw. super wallets be available, where family members or friends or members of an investment club can combine their private wallets into 1 wallet with 1 public address?

The question is about having a wallet that can keep multiple public addresses and I feel strongly that we should have such function incorporated in our wallet. Having multiple addresses in a single wallet and being able to manage your funds from that single wallet is definitely necessary and will be upgraded. Although it is not included in the roadmap and won’t be able to give you timeframe right now, it will be included on our schedule.


Is it already freezing Boscoin coins works?
If yes, how do it?
If no, when will start it and how do it?


Freezing coins will not be possible until MainNet.