Congress and Voting


Continuing the discussion from Ask Me Anything with CEO:

@ISRAEL_JIMENEZ_SANZ you are talking about many hypothetical features which are not officially on the roadmap.

As of right now:

  • 1 human per vote
  • 1 human controls the wallet to run a node
  • No matter how many nodes a human has it’s still one vote.
  • You need at least 40k BOS in a wallet to be a valid node operator, you register that wallet when you configure the node.
  • You need a linux or mac computer, and decent internet.


I assume you need Linux for the remote side (VPS server on ubuntu 16.04 or similar)?
No windows QT wallets for local side (ala Dash hot/cold setup)?
Is the node payout dependent on voting activity, e.g. if I run multiple nodes, only vote via one node while the other remain dormant and still get payouts…?


Voting is completely separate from rewards. You can choose to have 1 node or 100 nodes. You still only get one vote.


The node client will be Linux ( I’ll be using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ) or you can use a mac. Windows will be suppoerted later.


Scott I have one question.
I have only windows desktop.So, if I will be a node, must I buy one more desktop and download
’Ubuntu 16.04 LTS’?
Or, can I download ‘Ubuntu 16.04 LTS’ to my desktop that is currently held now?
Must I buy one more personal computer to be a node?


Use a vps like digital ocean cloud service or get a linux or mac computer. The nodes needs to be on 24/7 and connected the internet.


Thank you Scott for your attention.
And what do you mean by ‘24/7’?


Make windows PC dual boot, thats what I will do.
If somehow this voting process requires more/regular client side activity maybe I would consider a dedicated Ubuntu client machine.


24 hours. 7 days a week. It has to be running to validate blocks. You need a dedicated machine


Scott, thats the server part I assume and in my case a remote VPS, but hopefully not the client/wallet?
That is why I asked is it like a Dash hot/cold setup (“hot” = remote VPS, always active and cold is the local QT wallet on a PC which does not need the be active 24/7/365).


When you set up the Node, you give the node your public address. That’s it. Your secret seed doesn’t have anything to do with the node setup. Right now we have the online wallet, and you keep your secret seed wherever you want.

The node never has access to your secret seed, it only validates through the public address that you have at least 40K BOS frozen on the wallet.


The node can be a local computer, or a remote server. It doesn’t matter. If you run the node on your personal computer then it can also work as local wallet (but your secret seed is on the system), and you can send transactions from your local system instead of the online wallet.


I’m trying not to confuse people who don’t understand public / private key’s as they relate to blockchain wallets and nodes/clients, but it’s important to understand when and how private keys are used and stored on these systems so you can protect your system. Correct file/folder permissions, firewalls, basic network security etc are critical to maintain good security against someone breaking into your computer and stealing your private keys. This is a system administration function, so you need to understand the risks on your network, and operating system.

My recommendation is to not store secret seeds for wallets with any significant amount of BOScoin in them on any system connected to the internet. Our network is secure, and the most likely way for funds to be stolen is lax user secret seed storage security. I know this isn’t directly related to the question, but this is something I have to state just about everyday to those in the community.


OK, still a little vague in regards of local wallet PC requirements
FYI:currently I run masternodes of other coins and the hot/cold setup is very common, almost standard, also security is not a major issue.
see e.g.
Ultimately I wanted to know what needs to run locally & under what OS in my case.

From your story it seems that the webwallet can be linked to the remote VPS to form a hot/hot setup?

Anyway, I will attend the Amsterdam meetup in couple of weeks so that will hopefully clear things up…


The node client will be available for Mac and Linux. When the testNet is released, the setup instructions will be published. The hardware requirement is very minimal, but our CTO will be at the meetup in Amsterdam, so please write down all your questions, and we will answer all we can. Since the CTO is there, you can go as technical as you want.


Nice, thanks for your answers.


I just got a new ASUS laptop computer, are you telling me I cannot use that and run my node in a cloud like digital ocean remotely?


having a remote server (VPS) like digital ocean is not impacted by what computer your use locally.

If you are using a windows computer at home, then you can’t use that windows computer in your house for the node since the client won’t be available for windows at launch.


What are the system requirements for the vps? How much ram I guess being the important one.


Those requirements have not been published.