Coinmarketcap capitalization


Coinmarketcap is already showing the current supply and capitalization. Good :grin:


Yes this was updated about 1 hour ago.


Are you Venezuelan right? me too.
Thanks for publishing this, finally we are starting to fly… soon I see BOSCOIN in the top 100.


Si, yo soy Venezolano y espero también que BOScoin llegue al Top 100. :grin::sunglasses:


lets see if we can reach the top 100!


Finally so nice to see this finally updated :smiley:


They should remove the premarket iou trading from the graph also, if that is possible for CMC. The IOU price is not the same token.


cmc is only showing kucoin for markets
does anyone know if those who bought iou on hitbtc ever got their bos?


Hitbtc hasn’t opened deposit or withdrawals. They are not connected to our network. They are not trading the real BOScoin token, only IOU


BOS team let me see no hope, too disappointed, can not be done, do not say it out, say it out and fail, let a lot of people down, so many people don’t want to hold BOS again, the price can’t rise.


TokenNet was only a last minute addition so traders could buy and sell BOScoin tokens, the original plan was to build the platform first before exchanges but they added TokenNet and the community one a place on KuCoin. Please don’t despair just use the low price to build a larger node ready to receive more rewards when MainNet begins. :smile: