CobinHood crypto exchange Boscoin listing?


CobinHood is a new Taiwan based exchange. It’s been online about a month. After watching both Binance and Kucoin go from zero to major players so fast, I’m expecting big volumes to flow to CobinHood.

I sent a message via their website asking how to get listed. Perhaps if the BOS community contact them it might help get listed.


They also have a contest with 5 tokens:

No Boscoin yet, but who knows!


The team at CobinHood exchange got back to me.

They said to fill in this online form:


yeah yeah we been through this before and where did that lead us Boscoin isn’t compatible enough to be listed on a exchange so why try. all the effort attention and they can’t actually host the coin so can any one give a good reason why this is worth the effort again


Getting an agreement from an exchange is still worth it. If there are technical issues to work through then at least when they are solved the listing will go ahead.


i have a idea lets all vote to get listed on the exchange than we win the vote and be like yay whoooooo hoooo and than the exchange just doesn’t list us. yeah nah I’m good been through all that before see ya


Hi, Just to followup. is the application posted and if so pls share for voting. cheers


Choose an exchange on this list :

All this exchanges (except ripple ones) have already implemented stellar non erc-20 tokens :wink: !

They will not have difficulties to implements Boscoin


But BOScoin is only on stellar during TokenNet, am I right?


CTO yezune said BOS will be kept compatible with Stellar in API level, but only internally be rebuilt. So exchanges don’t have to worry about reworking.