CEO on Korean TV


Go to settings, close caption, select language for google translation.


The translation is really bad :frowning:


English version would be nice :slight_smile:


Yes. I used google translate, but it’s not very good.


Haha, I used the Dutch translation, but is also horrible. I can understand the main line of conversation, but that’s it. Very curious what the actual translation is. Any of the Korean folks feels free to translate? I’ll give you at least 1 BOS in return :wink:


We need a volunteer!


He’s just explaining how Bitcoin works for the first half and then how Boscoin works the second half. Mostly general information… Was interesting to me to see how they listed his career history. CMO of Blockchain OS, CMO of Paxnet, Vice President of something called Ekas, Marketing Planner for Nong Shim, Brand Manager of Jeju Samdasoo.


Thanks @danyk for the brief translation, I wish I was multilingual at times

The employee from company BlockchainOS please answer. (보스코인 직원이 답변해 주세요)