BOSRADAR - Check account


I bought BOS from Kucoin and sent to my account.
I did seven transfer transactions in different days (6 deposit and 1 withdrawl)
I checked my account at BOSCOIN RADAR and found that the balance is different than it should be.
When I check the Boscoin account balance and the details, the information that appears is the last 20 transactions, but actually show only 3 transactions with a balance well below what I have.
If I click on see all transactions appears 6 transactions instead of 7, and 1 deposit transaction does not refer to my account. That is, 2 deposit transactions are missing.

Is there another way that I can check all transactions and the balance?
Why this is happen?
Who can help solve this problem?


You can check your balance several different ways, and the BOScoin team isn’t affiliated with that is a community project. You can check at (another community website) or"public address here"

You can check your account balance directly from the horizon server, but this only works on a desktop browser like google chrome, and look for “Balance” in the meta-data. If you open your wallet, and see the balance, that is the correct balance no matter what other websites say.


I did not know that bosradar is community project and I did know
I will try to contact Bosradar to inform the problem.
In my balance is right.

Thank you.


I looked up your account from the email you sent, and is showing the correct information, and I checked directly from the horizon server, still no issue, showing correct balance.


Scott, take a look at the pictures that I annexed in the e-mail.
I am not lying. If this show to me when I use Google Chrome means that other also can have the same problem.


I’m looking directly at the horizon server, and it doesn’t show any issue with your balance or transactions. shows the exact same balance. show the exact same balance.

I run the transactions directly from the horizon server, 6 deposits and 1 withdrawal.

We don’t run or
you can contact @gdeep for bosradar at and is on the slack at if you want to contact them.


I will share this thread with both of them.