If not as soon as possible and several more exchanges, said what is nonsense, will lose the people, only listed the famous exchange, the price will rise, but all our efforts were in vain, and the BOS team’s marketing ability is too poor, unable to obtain the influence to the future development of the project, please quickly listed other famous exchange 。
Also, please don’t give up the Chinese market, please build the BOS community in Chinese, do a good job in the China influence, this will be on the BOS is very favourable, many listed China exchange: OKEX, Huobi, Gate, ZB, Binance and other influential exchanges, so that it is conducive to the development of BOS, will make all BOS thank you for investors 。


不是不想要中国市场,我觉得他们只是不想花钱罢了。meet up有毛线用,个人意见还不如把钱花在交易所上


They have a few exchanges coming up, let’s just concentrate on Testnet for the time being and then when Mainnet comes out proposals can be put forward asking for funding to be listed on big exchanges.