BOScoin to be listed on Coinbene


We have wonderful news for the BOScoin community: We are pleased to announce a listing partnership with CoinBene!

BOScoin will be available soon on one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Follow our social media channels to find out what is coming next!


Great news Scott , looks like #59 in terms of adjusted trading volume


Coinbene is the # 11 daily trading volume EXCHANGE.


Cmc lists it as 59 based on adjusted volume, not sure what they mean by adjusted


Hey, if i’m not mistaken you cat trade bos on Crypto-exchange Binance. - it’s one the biggest crypto exchanges and worth working with. If you do wanna get into trading, you should get along with exchanges. So be aware and good luck to you.


If you’re going to post affiliate links at least post correct information, as far as I know bos is not on binance


I wish it really was on Binance although it’ll be far more valuable there when mainnet launches.