BOScoin - S.Korea's Next Korean BBQ? Youtube Review



Good Morning.
I heard this Youtube but I can’t understand it. What does he meaning of ‘BBQ’?


He’s just making funny statement. Like next great project out of Korea


BBQ as in Barbeque is hot and delicious food.


He said that , but he then also the way he says it, He said that its probably not the next hot think coming out of South Korea. He also said there isn’t enough information about the project. He then continues say that he couldn’t get ahold of any of the projects founders and he left an open invitation for you someone to contact him to give him more information about and they could tell him why people should invest in BOScoin. He is stating that and he would like to do an inteview with our founders. Which I think would be a great idea to promote the project in a more positive light as that video was sarcastic and wasn’t positive as he made some off hand remarks about BOScoin. Not the type of promotion we really want out there at least in my eyes that was negative promotion. Frankly its upsetting that this is the type of promotion we are getting.


I’m very easy to get ahold of, so anyone who says they couldn’t get in touch with anyone from the team didn’t try very hard. I’ll talk to him if he respond to any of my attempts to contact him through his youtube and twitter, but as of right now I haven’t received any response.


it looked to me as if he was more interested in making a “funny” video than actually talking about the project


Yes. He didn’t say much about the project, and I doubt he’s done much research. If he was doing good research, he probably would be asking me questions in the slack or here in the forum. Not hard to find.


The new white paper 2.0 will help define our vision, and goals for the project for new users.


@scott I am not saying I agree with him about our project not being hot (the next BBQ) or that you or our founder are not available. I was just interpreting what he said. I don’t agree with him on that.

I believe in our communinty and our project!!!

But that negative publicity isn’t good thats all I am saying. I don’t know what his motives are, but either way it would be nice to get someone to actually talk about our project and what makes it great and why potential investors should chose BOScoin for there next investment.

I will tell you why I invested in BOScoin! I believe they could make a great platform utilizing blockchain and Trust Contracts, I can also tell you that in my opinion on what BOScoin was supposed to be from reading the white paper before the ICO compared to its current direction and to me it is different. Now that is not a bad thing as I believe in BOScoin and I am sure the team has done its research and due dillagence to find the best business model possibel for the market. Personally I don’t totally understand public financing model as a profitiable business. But that is supposed to be explained in the whitepaper 2.0 , with the focus of linking the Public Finance concept with our Trust Contract and Consensus components to ensure the models all align and are integrated systematically.(from the March 12, 2018 newsletter)

I can tell you that I am really looking forward to that reading the new white paper and to doing my part as a member of this community and to support our team and in getting the projects progress out to the public and to attract new investors.


He seems like more of a larrikin than someone that looks deep into a project and gives a thorough analysis but that’s just my humble opinion.


haha a larrikin
good word!