BOScoin Releases Whitepaper 2.0 and Forms Strategic Alliance with Energy7 for First Public Financing Project



Nice! This is awesome news.


This is better than any newsletter we’ve had so far, I’m looking forward to the White Paper 2.0 to get an inside look behind the curtain at the team’s vision going forward.


I like the idea of ​​energy 7, as well as its alliance and focus on the future. It’s good news. More alliances of this kind will be great


Things are moving along nicely!


Any info on energy7, like how big the company is? These partnerships are great but would like to see some big players involved. Also bigger exchanges of course.


Partnerships with petrol stations and BOSolar energy transfers will make BOScoin a lot more valuable than just having it on a few big exchanges, big exchanges will come if they see we have big partnerships like this. I can’t wait for the next White Paper to be dropped.


I disagree. There’s a strong correlation between the number of exchanges a coin is listed on and the market cap. The project itself is important , I’m not denying that but to it’s a lot more valuable than exchange listings is just an uninformed opinion.


I’m not saying the amount of exchanges is not important don’t get me wrong but I am excited about these partnerships and the White Paper 2.0 coming up soon.