Boscoin on Exchanges


I was reading somewhere not to long ago that bos will be on exchanges before the end of the year is this Correct of what like I’m sure i read it from someone on the team somewhere that Boscoin would be on exchanges or at least one exchange before the end of the year is this correct confirmed True?

Because there is only a few weeks left of the year you do know that right?

Im aware of the Kucoin vote etc i also voted, I’m aware that Bos is trying very hard to get on exchanges. however like will it be listed on any exchange buy the end of the year I’m sure i read that somewhere.


Yes, it has been stated by the team that BOScoin will be listed on exchanges by the end of the year, but no exact date has been announced. @scott said the following in Slack on December 13:

we will be on major exchange by end of the year. kucoin is only one exchange out of many we are working to list on.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon.


Ok thanks for the reply, because with so much economic activity billions flowing into the market .And bos is missing out on that every day. every day Billions are rushing into the market. So it would be such a opportunity lost if they can’t get Bos onto exchanges


You’re welcome. Rest assured the team is doing their utmost best to get BOScoin listed on exchanges as soon as possible, but in the end it’s up to the exchanges to decide if and when they will list us.


So correct me if I’m wrong, but, before the 1st of january our beloved BOScouille will be tradable on a big exchange ?


You’d have to ask the exchanges that question. We won’t know when exactly our token will be listed on kucoin or any other exchange until 1. The exchange announces the listing. 2. The token actually starts trading. We do not control when the exchanges list our token. We give the exchanges everything they need to list us, and work hard to push for the listing, but at the end of the day it’s 100% up to the exchange to either list us or not.



Keep an eye on Kucoins Twitter, am using @scott his advice :slight_smile:


Yep, and you can always follow or and we will retweet.


Oh man there goes my plane i was going to invest some more into Boscoin when it hit exchanges but its taken soo long. I will probably of spent all my Fiat buy the time it hits. sucks there was just to many good dips in the last week.

Yo did you all see Kucoin is starting trading pairs for NEO for NEO to be the main coin thats paired with other coins, China is jumping behind its own shit man, Imagine if Bitthumb did that with Boscoin sooner than later. Instead of BTC AND ETH OR Tether being the dominant coin to pair with. If Boscoin was paired with everything on Bitthumb ooooh god dam the damns would burst man bos would shoot up out of the solar system.

Maybe thats what the team could do man, pay Bitthumb about 10 million for them to make it the dominant trading pair. Hopefully instead of ICON HMMmmmm