BOScoin node security


Do you plan to do possibility protect private key runned on node via multi-signature or any another way?


The node is registered with your Public address…

example… I’m going to be running a VPS server… I install the node client, and during setup. I tell the node my public address. my secret seed is never given to anyone especially the node client. no need. even if someone hacks into my VPS server. I can just delete that instance… setup another instance with my public address.


going one step beyond just your node. Quorums work like this… you setup your node with your public address, and you have 3 friends you trust, so you give your node the public addresses of their nodes… Now you are a quorum together… it’s much more complicated than that, but that is the basic idea.

No where in this does anyone need your secret seed.


Thanks Scott.
How many nodes per Quorums?


Hi Scott will it be possible to set up the node to spit the rewards between 2 different public addresses as I am thinking of sharing a node with a family member. Thanks in advance :wink:


I will be a node.
Must I select 3 friends to make a quorum?
I have no friend here.And I am a Japanese.


No issue there will be plenty of nodes to connect. You would just connect to a korean node maybe one ran buy the foundation to start. You want to connect to nodes in your region. All US nodes would probably connect to my node and european nodes would connect to each other etc


Can you tell me the advantage of joining a quorum? Do you earn more tokens for instance? Thanks.


If you don’t join a quorum then you won’t receive any blocks to validate. You would want to at least connnect to a community manager node or BOScoin node to enter the network. For the US i will be running a node and i expect almost everyone in north america would connect to me making a large north america quorum and you have the option to make a smaller quorum with a few people you know or even be in several quorums. Seems complicated but really it isn’t. Once we release the documentation and instructions it’ll make sense and I’ll do a video explaining the process anyway.


Scott, Thank You for your attention.


@scott I would imagine there won’t be too many node operators in Australia, maybe @mikethekite, he is an Aussie also? if I am the only Aussie node operator in Australia would I be my own quorum?


I will be node operator too, who wants to be my friend quorum? jajajaj :smiley:


Chef, you could probably just connect with whoever is close, and the Korea team. That would be good enough. I will be connecting to the other prominent members of the community, the core team nodes, and anyone in North America who wants to be added to the network. The system will work it out. This whole configuration, adding public addresses of other nodes, etc. will be automated by the system at least some. When i heard about it the first time, I have to say I was a little confused, but I don’t think there is any reason to overthink it… Just connect your node to other people you trust, and let the network figure it out. :slight_smile:


Reading about this node stuff is getting me excited! Can’t wait to run a node :wink:


Running a node will be exciting to see the amount of coins increasing each day, week and month.


Do you forsee third party services that will run nodes for a fee?


I plan on holding until I get a second node then I might liquidate some


From what I was told running a node is easy


Easy to read proposals but you still need to put in the time required to read each proposal and vote


Try running an eth miner or bitcoin miner. find out for yourself. I don’t think it’s hard but I’m a linux system admin.