Boscoin-NG Implementation


Has the BOS team considered implementing the NG protocol? WAVES has implemented this and is seeing ~11k transactions per second. I don’t know enough about the innards of BOS to know if NG and BOS would play nice together, but this protocol definitely seems worth considering. Here is the Bitcoin-NG paper:


We are aiming for 1000 tx


Where did you see this, are you sure?

The BOScoin website doesn’t say that high. Although it is fast still :slight_smile:


I didn’t read the paper thoroughly but it seems like a variant of PBFT. BOS is already utilizing FBA which is superior than PBFT in many ways.


Please… i know its long … but those informations are in the whiter paper… And its in a tab, so you cant miss it … ! Always read the whitepaper before invest…


The team is aiming to obtain a transaction speed of 1000 transactions per seconds with the mFBA consensus algorithm.


Great :+1::ok_hand::fist::v:


1000tx/s its written in the whitepaper


Thanks… i mistype the number of tx… :slight_smile: