BOScoin Mainnet Launched Nov 27th


The official start of BOScoin MAINNET is here!

We have finished the open beta period.{PUBLIC_ADDRESS}

In the above link, you can view your balance by inputting your public address in the {PUBLIC_ADDRESS} area. Powered by BlockchainOS. November 27th, 2018. When checking the balance remember 1 BOS is equal to 10,000,000 GON, and your balance is in GON in the above link.

We do not currently have a Mainnet (Sebak) blockchain explorer, but one is in development.

The web wallet and mobile wallet for Mainnet (Sebak) will be migrated from Tokennet to Mainnet.

We will continue to update the community on our progress.

Let the new era begin.


When are we going to be able to stake our coins for profits?


Download the desktop application. Join Membership, Freeze, and vote.


thanks I’m setup, what are the freezing rewards? Also how often are the rewards paid out?


10 days after the proposal is approved, and then once a month