Boscoin Listing on Kucoin


How long do you guys think Kucoin will start exchanging BOScoin? They are listing DENT soon but why isn’t BOScoin going to be listed first since it won the voting.


Just guessing but is it because they need to implement the protocol to accept BOScoin I wonder


Yes that would be my guest to @jeremycolombe DENT is probably an ERC20 Token that is easily implemented?


Yes indeed, DENT is a ERC-20 token so easier to implement as they already have the ETH implementation. For BOS, they need to integrate tokennet, so it may take longer.


Just be patient guys, Boscoin will be listed on Kucoin very soon. In the meantime you can get ready and explorer the exchange, Please use the following link for your registration (for the KuCoin bonus):


Stellar is actually taking some attention in exchanges :slight_smile: ! This will help our token to be listed :slight_smile:


I wish they would hurry the hell up and list he damn token we have no market place at all


I think that ERC 20 SHIT is just a excuse man NEO THER ARE A BUNCH OF SHIT COINS THAT are not etc 20 and they get listed o exchanges man whats the hold up yall


Why are the Koreans not going crazy for there own Coin


How can boscoin be traded on KUcoin if mainnet is not launched? (Q1 2018) There isn’t a blockchain yet… Hope it’s not a IOU like hitbtc. :thinking:


We already have a working blockchain and network through the TokenNet, allowing BOScoin to be transferred between wallets. Thanks to the TokenNet, we’re all set to be listed on exchanges.

KuCoin has to integrate BOScoin’s TokenNet API first before listing and trading can happen. They already stated that they are working on it. They didn’t give any dates, but it won’t be IOU.


Watch this Twitter for news when BOS gets listed on Kucoin.

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