BosCoin IOU Prices



I’ve compile some informations about IOU Boscoin prices and BTC Fiat prices.

Feel free to ad more information to this chart.


I like your work and recently updated some prices, too :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: !

I saw some people used my sheet as a : " Chart for their own amounts of Boscoin" !

I managed to get this chart a little more customizable. Now, everyone has only to change one cell and see the value of theire coin during time :wink:


Great work and well done, a very flexible approach.

I’ve been using the Cryptocompare portfolio tracker to keep general tabs on the price along with there page.

It gives you the buy price compared to the average in btc and also the 2 columns i’ve removed include profit and total value.


Neat sheet.

What do people think BOS price will open at on Kucoin?


I think it will come at about $.50?


I guess it will be around $1.2


looks like it is exchanged at 1-1,5$ OTC actually … So it could be more 1$ rather than 0,5 $


You underestimate the Korean buying power it will be >2 after the first trading day


$ 1 / $ 2 would be perfect for me and if it is cheaper better to get more nodes


I am going to guess it opens at 3.77 USD. I hope KuCoin puts on some type of competition for BOS it will increase exposure. The first mental hurdle I have created fir BOS is 12USD and if mainnet impresses we could see that in 2018…that’s an insane 17000% from ICO


$12 would be a massive increase since ICO and is much as I would like to see this come true I doubt it will for some time to come but we can always dream right?
BOScoin to the moon and further!


It’s a pipe dream for sure but back then btc was like what 2500. So factor that gain into ICO and your at about .25 cent per BOS ICO price. Then that’s ONLY 4800% :slight_smile:

Either way when I bought I said 3-5 Years to 12USD…I think thats quite reasonable!


Yeah, but the price increase in BTC has absolutely nothing to do with BOScoin fundamentals…


I don’t understand why everyone tries to factor BTC’s price increase into the value of BOScoin, they are both separate crypto currencies and are valued on their own merits


It’s just the same way people compare highs and lows on a chart. It’s all numbers. BTC right now affects all the alts. Btc drops Alts drop back a few years ago alts held value based upon the dollar if btc went up alts went down as if to hold their dollar value. I don’t agree with some btc comparsion in a lot of cases but I was just trying to expolate based upon overall market cap of the markets not perfect but a frame of reference :wink:


ICX traded pretty close to the futures price from HBTC when it went onto Binance. And then it continued to motor on nd did another 7x before dipping a bit to current levels. So maybe we will see BOS hit the 5-6 dollar mark once the overall market picks up again. Regardless this project is way nice so I’ll be hodling and buying more if price takes a hit.


My experience with crypto futures is that they bear no resemblance to real market price. Let the price discovery begin!


So it topped at around 4.40 since we didn’t call no over bidding I claim all the glory with my 3.77 estimate…lots of volume people taking profits or the exchange playing bots I am not sure