BosCoin ICO vs pre-sale vs fundraiser vs bounty


Having bought ICO’s on hitbtc and not received any real coins so far, I’m looking for information on how to get the real coins in my wallet. Btw, hitbtc website indicates “Please note that BOS is an IOU for future issued token. Until the blockchain is released withdrawals and deposits are unavailable. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.” Given that some people already have coins in their wallets, it appears that the blockchain is released already. (?)

Here’s what I have done so far:

Contacted hitbtc support as to when I’d receive my coins. No response.

Contacted boscoin support and was told:

We never integrated nor partnership with HItbtc.
And we have no idea how Hitbtc is trading coins in IOU term to its customers.
We are currently processing integration with some exchanges, but not Hitbtc, they never asked us anything yet.

I believe hitbtc is the only exchange that sold BosCoin ICOs. From this forum and other web resources, it appears that people do have real coins and are able to collect their share of transaction fees etc (however insignificant they may be). How did they get real coins? Have they bought ICOs on hitbtc and are able to get coins into the wallets? Have they bought something different than ICOs somewhere else? suggests that people that “participated in the pre-sale / fundraiser / bounty program” can receive coins in their wallets by sending an email and telegram with their public key. Does the term “pre-sale” a catch-all that includes ICOs? If it doesn’t, when and how do the ICO holders receive coins?

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If you joined the ICO on May,10 2017,You must get your BOS coin already as I got my BOS coin in last December.
Hit btc exchange isn’t matter. I received my BOS Coin from BOS foundations.
If you joined ICO and not received your Bos coin, you must ask BOS foundations.
Even now, we are waiting for BOS coin listing on Ku-Coin Exchange.


Thanks for the response. Out of curiosity, did you buy your ICOs on hitbtc as well? And, did you do the two steps: #1 send an email to and #2 send a telegram to BOS_tokennet with your email address and public key?


Hey you guys stop confusing things.

@hidetousan2007 You didn’t buy the ICO coins in May.
You purchased BOS I-Owe-You coins from HitBTC.

Yes, HitBTC purchased themselves a chunk of BOScoin token from ICO and sold those as IOU.
I suggest that you wait the listing of BOScoin at KuCoin.
Then you can force HitBTC (evtl. by law) to hand out your BOScoin and make it deposit- and withdrawable or refund you with the actual marketprice.
I personally think BOSteam should support any measures to get people their coins who purchased BOS at HitBTC.


The way I see this you might not like but please hear me out.

you went into the contract with HitBTC so isn’t it your responsibility to get your coins and not have BOScoin team fight your battles. If HitBTC doesn’t fulfil their side of the contract then that’s a criminal matter

my advice would be to read the terms and conditions you entered into.


Exactly ! HitBtc have a lot of customer issue…
Its difficult to withdraw, its take time or fund are locked… And since december they did not have showed an inch about deliver boscoin to IOU hodlers… thats a shame when price is nearly 3usd on it…

But HitBtc choose to do this IOU, Bosteam can’t deliver you boscoin because… its Hitbtc’s Boscoin and not bosteam’s btc…

My advice is to sell Iou’s boscoin and to buy back on Kucoin.


Ok i think Boscoin cannot deliver to you these coins since you bought from hitbtc. But i think Boscoin team should help out with the situation by contacting Hitbtc on their stand about trading Boscoin token. Since the coin belongs to Boscoin and any damage or bad image out there on exchanges can impact on the Boscoin as a whole.
Hitbtc should stop trading Boscoin on their site if they are not willing and are not interested in delivering this coin to the community because they are giving misleading information to investors who want to buy and store this coin since the coin was long released to the community.


Only solution is to sell boscoins you had on hitbtc and to buy back OTC or wait for Kucoin availability.


The responses have been most helpful. Thanks. I now understand the situation better.