BOScoin fears and hopes


Hopefully, boscoin will not get here , but rather follow ripple and stellar

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Not to worried about that, we have one of the best communites out there thanks to you guys and a great company behind us that’s working day and night on the project :muscle:


We are ready to help/work/fight/sacrifice for BOScoin! Just let’s be more opened to each other


Please don’t even think about comparing Boscoin with these dead coins. Boscoin has the brilliant team, well-defined vision, and the strong community (hopefully:crossed_fingers:). BOS will be a top 10 coin this year. Let’s spread good words…


Well said friends, I hope that the team and the project overcome the neo and the waves. two projects that are very good at this time. we just have to fight to make a place in the top … I’m personally leaving comments to youtubers to see if they are curious and when it comes to the market talk about it.


Coudn’t agree more :slight_smile:


My greatest fear for BOScoin is an irrational American foreign policy with regards to North Korea as Seoul is right on the border and my hopes as far as that goes are the talks that have just started between North and South with freezing nuclear and missile tests and exchange for freezing wargames with South Korea and America along the demilitarised zone, so far the wargames will freeze during the Olympics but let’s hope they extend beyond that?
As far as BOScoin goes my hope is that the Commons budget funding for proposals draws in a lot of talent and crypto projects lacking funding so that 2018 will be a great year!


The most recent example of fears is Bitconnect scam.
But after today’s AMA’s videos, the hopes really raised. And after a first listing on the kucoin all fears definitely will be quenched :sunny:


No more f*****g bitconnect :slight_smile: wouhou !


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