BOScoin Escrow sale


I am looking to sell some of my BOScoin via escrow. Interested parties please PM me


@chocopi I know someone who is looking to buy and if you need somebody to help Escrow I would be happy to assist (if you need somebody?).


Thank you Ched_Bedo, can you put me in touch?


I checked and he is not yet signed up at least not in the same name as his slack profile but his slack name is haiku, I have sent him a message via slack but he has snoozed his notifications, I hope this helps?


I am not on the slack but if he signs up here or we can do through email too. Thank you Chef_Bedo


When he gets back in touch with me I will get his email address for you, happy to help! :smile:


You the man!!!


I’ll be sure to get back in touch with you when I hear back from him, how much are you looking to get for it @chocopi?


I don’t have an exact number. Don’t really want to sell but I need some $$. I’m a motivated seller, but not super motivated LOL. Im open to reasonable offers


Okay then I will pass that information on when I hear back from my guy


@chocopi here is that guy’s email address who is interested in buying some BOScoin good luck from me :slight_smile:


Thanks man, ill give him a shout. I PMd you also


Do you still want to sale? I would like to buy 25k for 0.7 BTC


Take the bid from Florian. My bid is 37k for 0.2 BTC.
i’m sorry but BTC next stop is 12.700, after a fast correction its 20.000! (fib levels). By the time Boscoin goes live u had more profit from holding BTC.
No alt-coin can beat the rise of BTC the coming weeks. Ride the waves of BTC and buy back later. Price Boscoin will likely dump fast after it goes life, lot of people will take the buy-orders. I would like to buy more but its not the time to hold a lot of altcoins now.
PM me if anyone is interested.


Its and incredibly low price for Boscoin …


Agree, this offer looks better i a couple of weeks. i have time.

Look at the charts of the last months, even the green coins are losing btc value (not dollar-value).
Everyone is losing money on BTC and gaining in usd, this will continue. Big money is coming in.
Im not saying that u should sell all youre boscoin, just enough to hold BTC also the next months. If u have enough BTC in youre portofolio youre fine.

I hope for everyone boscoin will hit the big exchanges soon, but it looks like BTC will gain a lot more then wait for first eliot wave of boscoin. :frowning:


be nuts to sell off BOScoin cheap after waiting so long. wouldn’t let any of mine go on the cheap thats for sure


Rosco’s theory is valid. Still I offer the doubled for any stake size. To make it more clear 0.4 BTC for 40K .


Hey. I´m interested in your Boscoin :slight_smile:


are you still selling your boscoin?