Boscoin Desktop wallet


how long till we have a Boscoin desktop wallet any time frame?. I don’t like web wallets man to Risky Security is of Highest paramount. I want to be able to make a wallet with no internet connection


BOScoin hardware wallet integration

I’m not sure if a desktop wallet is currently planned in the technical roadmap. Mobile wallets (Android and iOS) are scheduled for the Sirius milestone, but there is no mention of desktop wallets. @scott might have an answer to your question.


Mobile wallet is in development


@scott Are you planning to develop desktop wallet?


We are developing the desktop client to run a node. I don’t have a feature list for this but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t capable of interacting with our network to send and receive tokens.


there is no stand alone desktop “Wallet” in development as far as I know.


What are everyone’s thoughts on future support from desktop wallets like Exodus?


Third party companies are free to integrate with our blockchain. Personally, I’m looking forward to the first hardware wallet to support BOS.


Yeah I think A desktop wallet is important. Especially for user experience


Hardware wallet would be fantastic just transferring to my nano now :slight_smile:


If BOS really gets big, hardware wallets might integrate BOS. Time will tell.


yeah like you need desktop wallet hardware wallets bos should just make its own hardware wallet. once its gone through all it growing pains. User experience needs to be a focus if Boscoin want main stream adoption than wallets are very important.


I think to create an own BOS hardware wallet goes too far. Why not leave that up to companies who are experts in this.


We could be integrated with an already established hardware wallet, but that will be after BOSnet.


Great that it’s an option!


you know its actually not that hard from a technical standpoint its easy, and i think would be a good idea once its gone through a lot of its growing pains. we could submit a proposal to get it funded through the commons budget etc that is if no hard ware wallets implement Boscoin.


how about integrating boscoin into jaxx multiple currencies wallet application for android.


Ledger Nano S is the most popular hardware wallet at the moment.


is it working for BOSCOINS ?


The Ledger Nano S currently does not support BOScoin, but it might do so in the future. I believe the team has already been in touch with Ledger, but the focus is currently on getting the BOSnet up and running.