Boscoin Code Repository


Where can we follow along with the new code being written for Boscoin?

It seems like the last update to the github which is linked on their website ( was 21 days ago

#2 is where the public repository is located… most of the development is happening in a private repository.


Why is the development happening only in a private repository? Is Boscoin not open source?


The team hasn’t released the platform.


What are the motivations behind this? As you said, Boscoin is a platform. It’s not a business. What is the advantage to keeping development progress secret?

Will the platform code be released publicly when finished?


The advantage is the developers can develop the platform, and release a working product. Community contributions will happen in Nebula M4.

The platform will evolve through the congress system, Nebula M4, where community members can propose changes to the network, system changes, etc. which would be voted on by the congress and then implemented automatically by the system. Long term, yes, the code would be made available to the community so they can propose changes through proposals.

See the tokenNet, it is released, and on for you to review and even contribute too if you want too. This will be the same for BOSnet.


How would this advantage be lost if the github repo were public? What is to gain by keeping incremental progress private?


We are not releasing the code before BOSnet is released. If this changes, then there will be an announcement.


This is clear. What’s not clear is why. Why is the team keeping code private?


Why : there is NO requirement to release the code in development. The code will be released at a later date.


Scott i understand that there is no requirement to release the code but doesn’t it seem beneficial? If boscoin made public their incremental progress perhaps others in the community could make small but meaningful contributions. Besides that, seeing daily commits and progress might inspire confidence and strengthen the community around this protocol.