Boscoin at Blockchain nation


Will Boscoin or someone from the team be at this event. looks like a good opportunity to spread the word


@scott I’m not sure how long you need to book this in advance but I might be an idea to see if anyone in the team would be interested in doing a speech at this event???


I looked into getting a speaking slot at this even months ago, and they were not available.


Oh well you know what they say @scott if at first you don’t succeed try and try again.
You might need to start looking a little further in advance until there are available slots.


there are so many conferences every week, its not really something Boscoin team think is important. its a completely different climate i would say in Korea. in the states here you realise the importance of conferences thats where the comunity grows I got invest into dash because i was informed at a conference and every price rise in dash happened after big conferences. Comunity is so important and the question is where is the Boscoin comunity is this forum it. :roll_eyes: